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Bones Season 10 Episode 12 The Teacher in the Books

2 homeless men scavenge around the old book store, one of them found the remain under pile of the book.

Aubrey, Brennan and Booth go to check the remain. They take the remains back, and found that she is Mia. She is report missing by her boyfriend.

Booth and Aubrey question her boyfriend, he is musician when he back he found her missing. He also tell them that she has a trust fund.

They go to check her school, they meet Shane and her principle. They found a note threaten to Mia from her student.

Booth and Caroline question her student Cellus with his brother Keith, seem he is the last one she meet before gone. But seem he’s clean, he tell them that she was mad with something.

They found that victim is killed and put in semi-public place because he put disinfected on her, Brennan found the victim might bang to the locker.

She and Booth go to check locker, seem Mia is put in locker. The dog bark at Steven,  the janitor. Aubrey question him about it, he tell him that he and Mia catch some kid with drug.

Brennan found the cause of death seem she is stabbed, while Angela found that his boyfriend cheats on her. Booth question him about it, but he said he didn’t killed her because he is with another girl at bar.

They found the she is assault by Keith, she is cut by him. Booth questions him about it, he tell them that she cut herself and threaten him if he didn’t let Cellus in school. She will tell someone else that he attack her. Aubrey question Cellus about where is Keith about at time Mia ‘s dead, he tell him that he stole the grocery.

Brennan suggest that killer put Mia at front seat when carried her body, they found that it’s Shane’s car. He confess that he make the scene, so he can be attractive. She try to expose him, so he killed her to cover his.

Caroline takes care Keith and Cellus to have their education.