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Arrows Season 3 Episode 16 The Offer

Ra tell Olivier that he wants him to be next Ra, he release him. He shows him his men he said that they have to died for him.

He tell him that he knows Olivier queen who will be alone  and the arrow, he will be chased later from the police and the city he save and soon will died alone.

Thea keep ask Nyssa to kill her but she doesn’t believe her, Roy and Laureli thought that she is going to attack Thea. They attack her, Roy shot her to sleep. They ask her how she can escape.

Ra show Olivier that pool that he claim it help him live to past his time, but now he has not much time. He is going to give him the world not a city to save.

Olivier asks what if he say no to be Ra, he said he will release him along with Merlyn and John. All debs are forgiven, Olivier thinks a bit then tell them let’s go home.

Olivier takes Merlyn to Thea’s place, she doesn’t want him there he tell her just let him heal. John question Olivier about how they can alive, last time Ra kill him. He told him to just grateful for it.

In past while Olivier and Akiko are at the market, he lost sight of him a second. He disappear, he found him later he said to him he thought he see his father. He tell him when they got separate their parent will meet at the garden he leads him there.

Olivier let Nyssa out, she left. All of them ask him what’s going on, he just ignore them and ask Felicity to check the crime in city. She found the robbery, he ask them to suit up.

At warehouse, 2 men kill other man. One of them get mouth sewed, the other ask their men to check around. Olivier show up, Roy and Canary too but criminals escape with their truck. They found what they taken, it’s a industry diamond. At back of station Lance found criminals tied up.

Lances ask him why he won’t tell him that Sara is dead. He is done with him, he won’t trust him anymore.

Ray is working with Felicity, while they are flirt. Olivier comes and see them, he wants to talk with Felicity. He wants her to check what’s criminal is, she found one of them is “Murmur”. He thanks her and leave.

Laureli goes to see Merlyn, Thea tell her she can kill him. Laureli said Olivier is right, she should not OK to get him killed. After she left, Thea speak to Merlyn seem he already awake. She still very upset to him.

Nyssa goes back to see Ra, she asks him why Merlyn is not died. Ra tell her that it’s a gift to Olivier for become his heir. He said because of her allow the weakness in her life, once she died she still try to revenge. She said she will not accept the outsider to became Ra.

At lair, Olivier’s team found that Murmur is release because no evidence. Also they surprise that why they won’t talk the high value diamond that also in the same place, John said may be Felicity can help. Olivier said she’s busy, Roy said he has some knows may be they can help.

John ask Olivier what’s going on, he said Ra tell him that city will against him and he will died alone. He found that once he’s back, Lances shut him down. Felicity is with Ray, he tell John that Ra want him to take his place. He tell John that seem Arrow is not make any different.

Olivier tell the Ra’s offer to Merlyn, he tell him that it’s a tale. And it’s not offer it’s order. He meet Felicity at lair, she ask him about it. He asks her what’s he accomplish ? He doesn’t sure anymore why he doing this.

They found that criminal plan to attack Lance, Felicity tried to call him. Laureli goes to see Lance, he still upset on her. He said to her he doesn’t know how to forgive her. Then station is attacked, Murmur and his men shoot all police. Lances shoot for cover Laureli so she can get out. While Laureli is blocked, Nyssa comes to help her.

Murmur attack Lance and try to kill him, Olivier and Roy comes he shoot at Murmur. He escape out, Olivier following him and beat him down. Lance comes out and see him, he ask if he wait for thank you. He said no and leave.

He thanks Felicity for remind him why he does this, he does this for correct what his father did.

Nyssa goes to see Laureli, she wants to talks about problem of their father. She agree also to teach her fight.

Maseo comes to meet Olivier, he tell him that what’s Ra wants is already made there is not a choice. Olivier still refused, Maseo said that it will has consequence.

Roy found Thea at front of his door, she doesn’t know who is she anymore. She spent night with him.

Tonight at the Murmur place, his men are discuss about police. Then Ra in Arrow suit show up and kill them, he let of them escape to tell everyone about him.

In past once they are at the garden, Olivier notices the ARGUS’s men. While they escape, Olivier meet Shado.