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Bones Season 10 Episode 11 The Psychic in the Soup

At FBI, Aubrey show Booth the picture of remains in the water. Aubrey questions park ranger Alex, who cover with blood with chainsaw in his hand. He said he doesn’t know there is someone in tree when he cut the tree.

At Lab, Brennan Cam and Hodgins check the remains in tree. They found the remains belong to woman, probably her lover dump her there. She is Justine, it’s strange that her father report her missing just few weeks ago.

Aubrey questions her father, he asks him about the accident the daughter gives to him. He tell Aubrey that Justine working as Psychic, seem her father upset about her works.

Booth and Brennan go to see her apartment, Avalon shows up. She tell them Justine didn’t killed here. After she touch around with Booth tried to block her, she said Anthony is the killer. Her landlord thinks that possible, because she used to hear them argue.

Angella convinced Aubrey to let Avalon help, Aubrey questions Anthony. He asks him about Justine restrain order, he said that she stole his client. He said Justine try to blackmail her client, he said that might be problem to her.

Angella thinks from file at her computer, she can estimate time of assault. They think the she might be attacked from someone closed to her. Booth and Aubrey go to see Alana about Justine.

They think that Justine blackmail her, but seem she just closed to her and give her money for loan. Seem she has affair with Justine, while she already has husband. But she said she will never killed her.

Booth and Aubrey found that Justine went back to church to find more client, Booth thinks they should talk to her father again.

At lab they think that she is killed by cane, like her father has. Aubrey questions him again about her affair, and his cane. He refused, he takes his cane to check. But they found that it’s not his cane.

Hodgins found that the killer might take Justine from car and put in tree, but he has the trace of grease from repairing floor. Avalon tell them that while she met the landlord, she is fixing the floor.

Aubrey questions landlord about her mallet, that it seems fit the the weapon. She refused that she didn’t killed her, she accept that she throw her mallet to Justine after they fight.

But she still alive after she left, at lab they check again her skull. They found the cause of the dead, they will gives Hodgins to check it. Seem she is hit by bicycle, they question Alan again.

Finally she confess that she accidentally push her fell down, then she dead. She so afraid so she hide her body.