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Arrows Season 3 Episode 14 The Return

Olivier and Thea is training on island, at night she ask him while he has nightmare about Sara. Why he doesn’t tell her that Sara’s died. He tell her that it’s her secret, he walks to see Slade. He found that he’s get out, he remember that Slade promise to kill his family.

He goes to see Thea, seem she is safe. Merlyn call him, Olivier realize that it’s him that release Slade. He tell him to get rid his weakness, he need to fight with Slade and kill him.

He brings her to some grave, he get the gun and gives it to her. Then he notices that Slade was there, he show up and attack them. He knock them down, and lock both of them in cell.

Slade tell them they will locked down and there will be no one know. He will goes to Starling city and fake their body.

Thea ask Olivier what’s he still hiding, she is so upset. Olivier notices that Thea can get them out, he loose her shoulder to open the cell. Now they have to reach their plane before him.

They run after Slade, Olivier notices his trap on Thea’s path. He save her but he gets injured. She tell them to rest before goes after Slade, then she asks him about Sara again. He finally tell her the truth, she is freak out.

Slade show up and hostage Thea from her back, she trick and get out of him. Olivier charge at him, Thea help him and gun at him. Olivier tell her don’t, Merlyn will try to make her a killer.

Finally Thea just wound him, Olivier captured him in his cell.

In past they track down Chien Na Wei to Starling city, Waller explain the mission to them. She threaten him that if he expose the mission, she will kill everyone involve him. Now he and Maseo will track down Kang who has contact with Wei. They found Kang go in the Queen’s building, Olivier notice Thea outside.

Olivier follow her back home, he see she goes to his grave. And he see she buy the drug, then he see Tommy lecture on her.

At night Olivier sneak in his father’s room, he use his finger to enter the system. While the program check for Kang, Olivier is see file for him and Thea.

They found that Kang has auction tonight, they are checking for the place. Olivier sneak to his house, at party he saw Tommy, Thea and Laureli. He notices again guy sell drug to Thea, he following him and accidentally killed him.

Police comes to check the body, Lance once found Laureli there he upset and start to shout. Maseo comes to takes him back.

He tell him that now they have the location, Olivier said he doesn’t want to goes and make chance to get killed and he can’t fixed what he wreck in past. Maseo can’t convince him he left.

At night Olivier back to his house, he see no one. He put the file he found, and play it. He see his father message, he changed his mind then goes to help Maseo.

At auction, Wei and Kang show the bidder the virus. Maseo try to attack Wei, but he is cornered. Wei is going to kill him, Olivier show up. Wei ask her men to kill Maseo’s family, Olivier and Maseo stop her and get the virus.

Olivier tell Waller now she has everything, he can leave. She said it’s not up to her, then Shrieve is come in. He wants him to back in China, he wants him to secure virus then he’s free.

Laureli found Lance at Sara’s grave, he tell her that he hurt because she break their trust.

Thea and Olivier finally back at home, he ask Thea to keep it out from Laureli. Merlyn comes in, Thea ask how he did this to her. He keeps telling how danger of Ra. She tell him that she will be anything he wants but his daughter.