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Arrows Season 3 Episode 13 Canaries

Tonight, Olivier and Roy are chasing a man. Canary show up and take down that man, Olivier ask her not to do this. She tell him to stay out her way.

Olivier is upset and ask John about how he allow her, he tell him she won’t listen. Merlyn show up and tell him to tell truth to Thea, they need to fight together. He said he’s not ready to tell her, he said in order to win Ra he has to show her the truth.

In past, Maseo try to ask Olivier to goes back because Waller will back to torture him for Maseo and his wife. They will try to disappear. While he is calling home back, Waller’s men found him.

He is tortured for Maseo’s whereabout, he dare Waller that she will never kill him. Then Waller threaten to Thea, Olivier finally tell her the truth.

Later Masoe shows up to see Olivier, he comes back to save him. He tell Waller’s men that he wants to see her, both of them are knock down.

During the press conference about Zytle at front of the station, one of the guard see the people face turn to demon. He is freak out and start to shoot people, Laureli knock him down but Zytle is missing.

At night, Olivier goes to see Thea. He shows her basement, he tell her his identity. She is surprising, but she’s not mad at him. She asks why now tell her, he said because of Ra. Merlyn comes back and she is very upset on him now.

Olivier get called from his team, they tell him about Zytle. Laureli comes back and tell them it’s one of reporter put Vertigo on one of the guard. When they are going out, Laureli wants to go out with them. Olivier ask her to talk alone, he tell her that what she does is an addict. She is upset and leave.

They track the reporter, Olivier and Roy found him. He said if he doesn’t do what they ask they will kill his family. Now he has to die with him, he has a bomb with him. He tell him that they will protect them, he won’t listen and donate the bomb.

He goes back to see Thea, tell her about his night. He tell her he has no choice but cooperate with Merlyn, she said she never trust him.

Lances goes to see Laureli, he asks her about Sara again. He tell her that Sen tell him the Canary is not Sara, he said he wants to talk to her.

Felicity tell them that she found their tracking near the dock, Olivier said it’s Laureli. He put the tracker on her, seem she is following Zytle trace to his supplier. Olivier rush to there to help her.

At dock, Canary knock down some guard. While she is turn her back, Zytle put Vertigo on her. She see Zytle as Sara, she won’t fight her so she is beaten. While he is going to kill her, Olivier comes to help her. Zytle is escape, he bring her back.

Thea show up, Olivier wants her to goes back. Roy said she has right to know. They start to argue how they work, Felicity and Roy argue him that they have own way to do while he is gone. They said they all have the choices, he can’t manage that.

John talks to Olivier that now his groups is beyond him, can he accept that ? Laureli wake up, she tell Felicity that she saw Sara. She tell her she is a fraud, Felicity tell her that she should stop to be Sara.

Felicity get signal from the tracker, seem Zytle just open it. Both are confuse why. That night after Thea left, she meet her new DJ. She make out with him, when they finish he propose her wine. She smell something before drink she knows there is cyanide in wine.

She is attacking him, he dodge. She ask what’s he doing here, he said he works for Ra. Before he killing her, Roy barge in and fight him. But he is beaten, Merlyn shows up and hit him with arrow. He killed himself.

Felicity tell Olivier about hostage Zytle captured in his place, they can’t reach Roy. He has no choice he ask Laureli to help.

Olivier and her go in the facility, to escape Zytle burn down the place. Hostages are chain to the facility, Olivier help them out while Canary run after Zytle.

She get another Vertigo from Zytle again, she see Sara again. But this time, she fight her back. She knock him down.

Felicity tell him about Thea, Laureli goes to see Lance. She confess him the truth, he tell her that he already knows that the woman in mask is her. She tell him that Sara is dead.

At Thea’s room, Olivier ask Roy what’s happen. Merlyn said it’s Ra’s agent. Thea is upset because she thinks she is stronger but she isn’t. She accepts that may be they can’t do this without Merlyn. He said before they start they have to conquer their fear.

Olivier tell his team that he is leaving again, he ask them to protect the city. Both of them climb up the mountain, they are going to place where Olivier train.