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Bones Season 10 Episode 8 The Puzzler in the Pit

Daisy is back in lab, she is happy and ready to work with remain from the pit. Brennan join her to exam the remain, but Cam show them the picture of remain before arrive here. They found that there is some acid with the remain, Hodgins try to remove it.

They found the the victim has a rare procedure on his head, he is Brooks he’s writing about puzzle. Booth and Audrey bring his wife to questions, she thought that he went off to do the puzzle. She point them to his assistant.

At the victim’s cast, they found 2nd writing that not belong to him. Booth and Audrey go to ask his assistant, she point them to stranger in parking lot. With her specification, Audrey found Steward. Booth bring him to question, he seems surprise that he died. He point him to Donald. Seem he is jealous on Brooks.

They found that Donald is the one who left threaten message, he told them that Brooks actually stealing his idea and he has a prove but he no alibi.

Cam found that Brooks is Alzheimer, how he can write the puzzle. Audrey tell Booth that in some case people has Alzheimer becomes the different person that’s why there are 2 set of writing on cast.

Booth and Audrey question his wife again about it, she told them they are broke. Brooks do something with money and he has no idea, she thinks if they found money they will found the killer.

They think that Brooks has gambling problem and he forget to pay his debt so he is killed. Audrey goes out to see one from Casino, he accepted that he break Brook’s finger but he didn’t kill him. But he point him to a woman who actually gambling, Brooks just her money. She’s Brook assistant.

They bring her to question, she accept that she use his account. But she didn’t kill him, they still takes her for fraud. At lab, Daisy found that Brooks is dead because of breaking neck.

Daisy then has a water’s broke, they all go to help her on give birth. She screams all the time, Brennan ask her to focus on case. She actually found how Brooks dead, he is push and they think it’s his son.

Audrey question Brook’s stalker, actually he’s his father. He tell him that he made appointment with him, but he never show up. Later he found him around his house, but he doesn’t remember him at all. He’s upset and accidentally killed him. Audrey tell him about Brook’s Alzheimer. He’s very sorry.

Daisy give birth a boy.