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Arrows Season 3 Episode 12 Uprising

Tatsu stop Olivier from leaving, he is worry about Thea and his city. He ask her to comes with him if she concern. She said that she is disappear from world.

At city, Brick’s men threaten and torture people at the bar. Roy and Canary comes to stop them. People is desperate even they knows no more police they still call 911. They tried to help people in city.

Merlyn still train Thea how to fight and kill, he tell her that they have to kill them first. He tell her at first he’s not killer, he kill first because he kill his wife.

21 years ago, when he backs how he heard Tommy has a nightmare. He goes up to comfort him, he goes down to open the door. He found polices are at the door…

At her funeral, one of his friend give him the suspect from police file to Merlyn. He tell him police has not enough evidence to convict him.

At night, Merlyn goes to see that man. He point gun at him, that man confidence that he won’t shoot him. He beats him down, while he turn back Merlyn shoot him at back.

At night, his friend found Merlyn is leaving. He tell him that after kill that man it’s not help him, he knows place that will forge his anger to something else. He see Tommy, he tell him that he will goes place where teach him that no one can hurt them.

Lances goes to see Roy, he knows who is him. He give him the evidence of Brick, he also ask about Canary. He ask Roy to watch her back, he back with these evidences. But seem none of them could hold him, Felicity checked the evidence from gun that just shot alderman and old files from Lances. They found it’s a same gun that kill Merlyn’s wife. Merlyn put his tracker at their computer, so now he also found the truth.

Olivier found that Tatsu following him, he ask her to help him if Ra found he alive. He will going to kill Thea and him, he tell her that Ra is so good about sword. She said to defeat him he needs to think likes him.

Thea found Merlyn, he tell her that he killed the wrong man. Now he found the real murdered, he is going to set it right.

Felicity tell them now she has no way to get track of Brick, he cut down all communication, satellite, camera. Laureli tell her that last time she saw one of his men use walky talky. Felicity use the frequency to locate him, seem they are the police station.

At station, Brick just killed one of his crew for his mistake. Power then cut down, Roy and Canary are there. Brick ask his men to kill them, he found them he pin down them. When Brick is going to kill them, Merlyn show up and shot  the ceiling down to him. But he can escape.

Merlyn comes to their lair, he tell them they have the same target Brick. He needs their ability to find Brick, while he will able to kill him he ask them to thinks about it.

Thea meet Roy, she tell him even Merlyn is bad person he still care of her and try to protect her. Laureli argue with Felicity that they should use Merlyn to take out Brick, Roy comes and agree with Laureli. They make the vote.

Tatsu send him until he reach the road, Olivier ask Tatsu to join him. She said she doesn’t want to see him end up like Ra.

Thea comes to Merlyn and thanks for what he did, he tell her that he has nothing else than murdered.

After vote, Laureli tell them that it’s ok after the vote. But they need someone to help them, she said the town. She goes to see Ted, Roy goes to see Sara’s friend.

This night they plan to assault on Brick at station, he show up his men. Then people of town show up around them, they all fight. Ted fight with Brick and get beaten servery. Brick run down and meet Merlyn, when he is trying to kill him Olivier show up.

He convinced him not to do it for Thea, in news Lance see Arrow announce that he won’t leave the city again.