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Arrows Season 3 Episode 11 Midnight city

Olivier is now wake up, he see Maseo and Tatsu seem they are broke up. He worry about Maseo if Ra found out, he tell him he should worry about he missing from his city.

At night a girl is run from the man, he chased her until she is cornered. Then Dark Canary show up, but he is beaten her. While she is stabbing, Roy show up and help her.

John and Roy tell her that she is not suppose to do this, she is not trained. She tell them as Arrow is gone, she has to do it.

At Palmer’s building, Ray still keep try to convince Felicity to help him on nanite’s chip. but she won’t.

Thea found DJ guy is leaving her pub, he tell her that the place around there is not safe anymore. Merlyn comes to rush her to moving out, she asks him to tell her the truth. Roy notices both of them.

Lances asks Laureli about Sara, from victim last night he thinks Sara safe her. After that they have meeting about Brick crime, Ray and Felicity comes and join them because he donates fund for them.

Brick and his men barge in the room, he try to takes the Mayor and Alderman, he tell his men to kill the rest. Laureli start to fight them back, Ray jump into them too. After fight, seem only major is safe.

5 years ago, Maseo and Olivier track the Triad they found their hidden. They are captured by while hair woman’s men, they takes them to see her. She ask Maseo if he brings the item ?, he tell her that he wants to see his wife first. Then he will give her virus.

After she check the virus, she found it’s fake. She want them all killed, they fight and escape her club. Olivier ask Maseo after escape that the virus is real? Maseo thinks that Waller already switch the virus, he tell him that he willing to sacrifice other people for his family.

Lances ask Felicity about Arrow, she tell him now they are on their own. He said strange because Sara’s back, Felicity realize that he talks about Laureli. She said she will tell him.

Laureli questions one of Brick’s men, she tried to trick him to tell her about Brick otherwise she will make he get killed by criminals in prison. He finally tell her.

At night Merlyn goes to his apartment, he found Roy following him. He asks him to stay out Thea, he warns him that if she knows he lies to her he will loose her forever. He doesn’t believe him.

Felicity fix Ray’s wound, he tell her at first he really thinks about how to avenge for Anna. But now he thinks only how to protect her.

John found Laureli and Roy prepare the missions, Roy tell him that Laureli knows their place. But now they try to tracking them, John try to keep her but she won’t. But seem Brick notices them.

They ambush the Brick’s car, but he is prepared. He shooting at them, Roy is fall down. Brick goes to after Laureli while she try to release elderman. But she can’t do anything on him, he takes elderman back. Roy shoot at his shoulder, Brick upset and kill one of elderman. They are totally failed.

Lance ask about Sara when he meet Laureli, she tell him she doesn’t know. While they are look at the news, Brick call mayor he wants to meet her alone at Blocton point.

Merlyn comes to tell Thea about truth, he tell her that Ra mark he and his family. He just wants to keep her save after he lost a child.

Felicity goes to see Laureli, she tell her she know who is she. She try to make sense to her, Laureli tell her what she failed is cause more pain she is not going to put the mask as Sara again.

At night, Brick meet with Major she brings her force along with Ray. He tell his demand to release the 2 aldermen, he wants her to remove all police. Lance call Felicity about it, he knows Arrow is gone but she said she can find Canary.

Tatsu and Olivier try to convince Maseo not to go back to Ra, before he said anything he notices that Ra’s men found them. They hide in the house, Ra’s men come in. Maseo convince them nobody here but then someone make the creak, they go inside and check one of them found Tatsu. They have no choice but kill them all,

While John and Roy ask themself if they can do without Olivier seem Felicity said right, she comes in with Laureli and tell them she is wrong. Laureli tell them that major agree on Brick’s term, so they are on their own.

They convince that they have to go on because now it’s their mission, while Lance try to convince major. Sara call Lance, actually it’s Felicity program to fake Laureli’s voice. Lance tell them that one of alderman has a pacemaker.

Felicity barge in Ray’s meeting and borrow him the helicopter. John, Canary and Roy following that trace to the warehouse. They storm in, and found 2 aldermen. Brick gunning at Canary, while Roy help 2 aldermens out. She trick Brick and jump on helicopter and escape.

Maseo still wants to goes back, he tell them he will tell Ra that Olivier can escape and hurt him. Tatsu said something to him, but he still leave.

Lances goes to see Canary and tell her about Mayor’s decision. She doesn’t want to risk their safety. So she will moved all police force out, Lance ask her why she try to avoid her.

Thea tell Merlyn that she will not leave, she asks him why they should not fight. They should be afraid of them, he said then we stay.

Felicity apologize for his helicopter scratch, she also give him quantum processor. She thinks with her help he will not dead.

Thea’s new DJ comes to ask about Thea’s leaving. She tell him not she’s not, after she left he call Sarab and tell him that Merlyn is not leaving. He will tell Ra.