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American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 12 Afterbirth

9 months ago, Vivian tell Ben that she’s going to University. She can’t stand that what’s they tried are failed, Ben show her the house. Vivian always want house like this, he finally convince her to see the house.

Ben tried to find Vivian and Violet, but he can’t find them. Ben feel thanks to Constance for take care his baby, but he is going to take him out. She tell him that the house will try to hurt him, he then notices Tate’s picture.

He tell her that she’s ruining his family, he takes baby out. At kitchen Moira ask Vivian about her adjustment, she said it’s hard to see Ben. Ben is coming in kitchen, she try to hide. Moira said that he won’t see her until she wants to. She said she wants to hold the baby too. She tell Moira that they won’t want him see them so he can leave the house.

Ben’s in the room, he tell the baby that aunt Jo will come here soon. He prepare all need, then he get his gun out and try to suicide. Vivian show up and stop him, she tell him that she forgive him. She wants him to take the baby out and raise him, Violet shows up and try to convince him out.

Ben prepare to leave, on the way Hayden block him. One of them get his back and hang him on the lamp.

Later the saleswoman is open door and greet Miguel, Stacy and son, they come to see the house. Stacy ask her why price is so low, she tell them that the owner died in house. Wife died while give birth, Husband hung himself because of grief.

While they are looking at kitchen, their son skate around the house. He is knock down by 2 ghost boys, his father comes to ask him OK. He tell him that his mother make decision after see the kitchen.

Detectives come to question Constance about how she found Ben’s body. She tell them she worry about baby so she goes to check in house, she found him hang himself. She also can’t find Violet, she is now looking for baby. But she can’t find anywhere, she thinks Violet takes baby and run away.

They get their answer, they leave. Constance goes to see the baby in another room. At house, Miguel’s son found Violet lurking around his room. She try to nice with him while Tate is looks angry across the room.

At kitchen, Ben and Vivian heard the new owner want to have a baby. They plan to stop them, Moira show up and wants to help.

At night while Miguel sleep walk down stair, man in rubber suit comes to Stacy. At their son’s room, Tate goes to see him and warn him about Violet. He start to attack him, while he heard his mother scream.

Ben in rubber suit try to attack her, she hide around the room and found the ghost. Vivian and Moira goes to help Miguel from sleep. They run around house, until end up in basement. Vivian and Ben kill each other in front of them, they ask them to run.

Violet comes to stop Tate before he kill a boy, she trick him and let boy leave. Miguel, Stacy and son get in their car and speed out that night.

Tate comes to see Ben, he wants to talks to him. Ben tell him that only chances that he can forgive is to people he killed not from Violet. He finally confess his crime, he just wants to hang out with him sometimes.

Vivian found Nora and her baby in basement, she won’t give her touch him. Vivian trick her that she can make him quiet, finally she allow and she make him quiet. Nora finally give up the baby and leave.

Vivian takes him upstair, she let Moira hold him. She asks if she wants to be his god mother. Now they are at christmas period, Ben cut the tree himself, Violet and Moira decorate the tree. Vivian comes with the baby, they are now all happy.

3 years later, Constance show up in salon. She is happy and tell the owner that she has a boy. Once she back home, she found blood tail to his boy’s room.  She found her’s son babysitter Flora died on his floor room.