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Arrows Season 3 Episode 10 Left behind

At night, a man shooting at the police. Lance bring his team following them, they shoot at the truck and block his car. Roy show up and following them, John wear Olivier’s hood and shoot at him but he miss a lot. Finally Roy get one of them.

Felicity try to track down Olivier with satellite, but she can’t find him yet.

In past, Waller tell Olivier and Maeso that they can’t help her, but virus has 2 parts the other part is in the military’s hand to be safe they have to destroy it. In night, they plan to get the 2nd part of virus.

Ray is testing his armor, but he failed. Felicity comes to talks to him to get him out of this, but he won’t listen her. He wants her to fix his chip.

Felicity still tracks the missing last night, seem one of them shoot the cop and taken in prison. They feel strange, they are checking.

That day Olivier fell down, he still hang on the cliff. Some one comes to close to him.

At warehouse, Danny is beat .. for his coward. Seem this is his side job, they make mistake and shoot cop. He gives him the gun, if he can kill him then he live. But he’s too slow, he ‘s punch until knock down.

Thea is practicing with Merlyn, she seem better now. She is worry about Olivier, when she hear the texting she thought it might be him. He tell her he will looking for her.

Felicity found the phone of the escaper in a warehouse, Roy will goes to check. They are there in night, they break inside but found no one. John found that they destroy some evidence.

When John, Roy and Felicity back to their lair. They found door open, Felicity thinks Olivier is back. But instead they found Merlyn, he ask about Olivier. She tell him he’s alive, he said that hope it’s true Ra didn’t keep prisoner.

Laureli comes down with her result of body they found in warehouse, she notices that Olivier is missing. She said she doesn’t believe him. Merlyn goes to the place where Olivier fight, he found the blood cover on blade.

In past, Once Olivier found the 2nd part of virus. Maseo also comes with his team, but they are ambush by shooting.

While 3 of them discuss about case, Merlyn back again. He tell them that he went to that place and he found the blade with his blood. Then he left, he said Olivier’s dead is means also him.

They are in shock, after she tested the blood. She tell them she will go to work. Roy goes to the club and drink alone, Thea found him. She wants him to ask Arrow and find Olivier. He said he will.

Roy tell John about Thea, John tell him now he wants to focus only on case. With piece of files they get from warehouse, he think he saw it somewhere. The found that files is the case file that they worked. Seem it’s all everything that they tried to get Slate down.

At police evidence storage, Danny break in and steal all evidences. But Roy and John are there to stop them, they already inform Lance. He bring the police, Danny found John and knock him.

He shot him at head, but miss. They start to fight close range, when he almost beaten Roy rescue him. But Danny and his men escape, they found later because Felicity let them go to save them.

Felicity gives up and wants to quit, she doesn’t want any one else die.

Maseo is he one who save Olivier, he bring him to someone and ask him to help.

Felicity goes to see Ray, she sorry what’s she said. She tell him that she lost too much friend, if he wants to go out she won’t help him.

Laureli tell John what without evidences all criminal they captured will release. He feels sorry that he couldn’t protect him.

Thea back home and found Merlyn, he tell her that they should leave city and never return.

Danny meet with all criminals that release because of him, he hold their evidences so he wants them to works with him.

At night Laureli decided to go out as Sara “black canary”, she knock down one of the criminal.

In past, Waller complain Olivier when he let of them escape. But Maseo found that Olivier intend to do that, he tell him that he put GPS on him so now he will lead them to his wife “Tatsu”.

Olivier is awaken, he found Tatsu there Maseo tell him that he ask her back so she can bring him back.