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American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 11 Birth

In 1984 a boy discover the basement when he plays his truck, he curious and looks around. He lost and found his truck, while he wants to grab it Thadeaus show up and grab him, Nora show up and help him she teach him to shut his eye and say go away.

Tate found his truck again, then he heard the woman cried she is Nora. He said sorry to her that he can’t help her to take Vivien’s child, Violet brother. She said but she can and she will.

Today Ben drag Vivien out the house to his car, he wants to get her to Vivian. Once car leave house, Vivian show up at her room again. She worry about her parent what if they found out that she died ? Also she will never has kid.

They found Patrick and Chad, they tell her that they are going to steal her brother. She said they will leave house, they said it’s impossible as long as she stuck here.

Violet goes to see Constance for her help, she ask her about Bille how to get rid of ghost. Constance goes to see one of them Chad, they argue about how they can be mother. She accidents tell him that one of them is her grandchild. He said no they want both, he said after he is 1-2 years they will kill them so they will be cute forever.

Bille meet with Violet and Constance, she said she can’t do much. But if just get rid the gay there is some way, when Tate show up Bille is panic.

Vivian ask Ben why Violet is not here, he excuse her that she has a rough time. Doctor explained them they want to give birth to them ASAP, because seem one of them grow to rapid while the other is weak. Vivian said that she wants to leave the town ASAP.

Bille tell them about past, there is one colony they died suddenly and become all ghost. They haunted the other tribe, one day there is a person who banish them. To do that they collect all their personal and burn it and said word “Croaton”.

Tate is very uncomfortable and wait for Violet, once she show up he ask her about Bille. She just tell him they need to find their belong and do the ritual.

They go to their room, Tate found one of them Patrick and trick him. But he start to beat him, he said that it’s him that make him stuck here with Chad. Chad show up at door seem he hear everything he run off, he following him. Tate get his ring from his finger with unaware.

Ben and Vivian back home, he goes inside to take Violet. He ask her why she disappear, she try to tell him that she’s dead and she wants them to be far away from house. While Vivian is waiting in car, she start to hurt her womb. Constance show up and help her get in the house, she scream No.

Ben drag Violet out of the room, she try to explained to him. He heard Vivian’s scream, she tell him that baby is coming. Ben try to find the phone in house that works, then he notices 2 boys break his car. He see them are dead.

He goes back to Vivian, he see doctor and nurse there. He start to crazy, Constance tell him to focus the house try to help. Ben try to comfort Vivian, doctor tell him that one of the baby still unborn. Doctor takes him to Nora, Constance tell Vivian another is coming.

Chad found Violet at the furnace, he saw her put his watch in fire she start to said “Crotoan”. but nothing happen. Chad tell her that all of things are fake, he tell her that Tate is raped her mother.

Vivian finally give the 2nd birth, but doctor tell Ben that she’s bleeding. Doctor seem can’t stop her bleed, she is going to die. She see Violet, then she died. Constance get her baby out, while she wash him Hayden and Moira show up.

Violet questions Tate how he died, why he lied to his father. She also can’t forgive him because he killed her mother. She shout at him to go away, she is very sad. Vivian comes to her side and comfort her.