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American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 10 Smoldering Children

In 1994, while Constance’s family are there together. They having the nice dinner, after Larry, Constance and her child move in house since his wife burn herself. Tate is unhappy and start to argue with his family.

Tate is back at his room, get drug and start to get his guns. He goes to see Larry at his office and put him on fire.

Ben goes to visit Vivian again, he comes to apology her but she wants him to leave. He tell her he believe her, and he tell her about her twins. He tell her that he will bring her back at house.

Today 2 detectives come to see Constance, they tell her about her lover’s body. They question her about him, ask her if he has an enemy. He said everybody love him.

A police comes to meet Ben while he’s on phone, he ask him to wait at living room. He comes to tell him about absent of Violet, seem she’s missing for month. He goes to see her about it.

She tell him she doesn’t want any school, he said if she doesn’t they will end up in court.

Contance goes to see Larry at his room, she thinks that he is kill him. He tell her she is wrong. He confess to her that someone in house kill him, he just help to move his body.

Today when Violet prepare to goes to school, Tate grab her and ask her to stay with him today. Constance comes back to home, she meets 2 detectives they want to ask her about their fight. Then she drop her knife, they take her to station.

They ask her about her first son, Beau. Then they talk about Tate,  she is upset and doesn’t want to talk about them. They ask her about her husband and her maid Moira, they both missing since 1983. They tried to sue her but they can’t find the body, then her lawyer comes.

Ben ask Exterminator to get rid the flies, he is very annoying. He start his work from basement, he found the body but he also found  Tate. He kill him.

Tate goes back to see Violet, he tell her that he overheard Ben on phone. He wants to send her away, he tell her he won’t send her away. Now he is on rubber suit.

Larry is at the basement, he try to get rid of weapon. He meet also his family that died in the fire, he ask why now he see them. She tell him now he’s ready.

Tate goes to attack Ben in bathroom, he knock him down but before Ben pass out he see his face, he tell the only reason he still alive because Violet. He is back to her, and ask her to leave with him by commit suicide. She ask can they do in bathtub, she trick him and run out.

But she keep running into the house, she can’t get out. She is freak out, Tate tell her he wants to show her something. He bring her to basement, he takes her to hidden room. He shows her body, last time when she try to suicide Tate can’t rescue her. He keep her body down there, he tell her that if she choose to died with him she may not probably sad.

At station, detective show Constance that Larry confess to kill her lover. She is very happy, next day she goes visit him at prison. He wants to hear she tell him that once she loved him. But she never.