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Arrows Season 3 Episode 8 The Brave and The Bold

Tonight Olivier, John and Roy go out for mission. They are checking house that belong to boomerang guy, he tell them there is a bomb in house. They break in, they found Argus agents. He ask them is the man get killed is one of their agent ? They don’t response and left.

At lair, Felicity found info about argus’s agent that get killed.

In past, Agent show Olivier that guy who plan bomb in Hong Kong. He ask him to get where is the bomb from this guy.

At night, Cisco and Caitlin comes to see Felicity. They bring her the result from Arrow that killed Sara. She tell them they can just email her, Cisco said that he wants to see their cave.

A killer enter the Argus building he try to use fake key, but guard stop him. He killed him with his boomerang. While John and Lyla is talking, their alarm is active. John call Olivier about it, they are leaving.

Boomerang man get something from room, and leaving. John and Lyla are stopping him. Flash also coming, while he attack Lyla from behind. Olivier and Roy block it, both fight with him. While Olivier is miss and will injure with boomerang, Flash comes and stop it. He see too much enemy, he use smoking bomb and escape.

They ask her who is that guy, she said he’s Digger. Years before they get him prison, then they put him out on suicide squad. Seem the control of them are malfunction, Olivier tell them that now they can consider that every Argus is compromise.

At Arrow’s lair, Lylar found Barry he thought that John already told her. Olivier talk with Barry, Barry wants to work with him but Olivier doesn’t like but finally he said they have to do his way.

They are checking who supply his boomerang, Cisco tell them that it has mark from Marcos. Felicity found him, seem he is captured by Laurelie’s father.

They goes to see him, Barry ask what is he captured for. He tell him that he fake credit for Russian mob. At night, they gather to check last place where Russian’s mob operate. They found Flash captured all of them in seconds,

Olivier and Flash found Markos, Olivier shot him in arm for information. Flash seems not like it, he give him the phone that he used to contact him. He takes him to Laurelie’s father. Then he back to ask Olivier about what he did, he upset and tell him if he doesn’t like his way he can go back.

Felicity get his position, they are leaving Flash agree to go with him again.

In past, Olivier try to torture that man. But he afraid to do it, then the bomb start in Hong kong he’s too late about it. At the scene, he get complaint for his late.

Olivier and Flash go in the building, Flash get all of them tied up. One of them tell him that he wants to give him his phone, Olivier said now they are tricked.

At Arrow’s lair, Felicity get called in Markos phone. She tell them to leave now, but too late Boomerang’s guy is there. Lyla fight back by shooting at him, but she get hit with his boomerang. Felicity throw the bomb to him, and goes to check Lyla.

Once they back, John found Lyla still alive but not moving. Felicity said she can’t operate here. Barry bring her to hospital.

Olivier said that this is his false, everything he did make this. Felicity comes and tell them they found him, they both found him on station platform.

Olivier tell him to get on ground, he tell them that he plants the bomb in city. He said they can’t stop him and stop bomb, Felicity and Cisco are finding the bomb. Olivier fight with him, and captured him. He ask him why he doesn’t hurt him, he said he still humanity left.

Flash found 1st bomb, but Cisco tell him that he has to defuse bomb at same time. He takes Roy, Caitlin, Felicity and Cisco to the bomb location. They cut the trigger at same time.

John goes visit Lyla, he ask her to marry. She said yes.

In past again, Agent show Olivier the guy again. She wants him to get information from him, this time he won’t hesitate.

Olivier takes Flash to test who is the best, they start to fight.