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American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 9 Spooky little girl

In 1947 the woman get off the taxi one day, she get in the house. She comes to meet Dr. curan, she comes to see him because her girlfriend Nabby said he’s very good. Also he help one who has not enough money. He start to uncomfortable, but still he is fixing her.

Next day, mother of a child walk pass the bush. She notices the body of the girl that meet Dr. curan, she is cut in pieces.

Present, Ben goes to see Moira and ask her to make sandwich for Violet. Before he left, she again try to seduce him. But he is very careful and refuse her.

At Constance house, her lover comes he complain that she doesn’t treat him well. She is drunk and now she is upset at him, he left. He meet Hayden at front of the house, they make out. After done she tell him to tell Constance, otherwise she will still treat him like shit. He asks if she live here, she said no and she left room.

Morning, a detective and Marlen, Hayden’s sister come to see Ben about Hayden. She thinks that he is liar, and probably keep her somewhere. They also ask him about digging at his backyard, then Hayden show up. He is very surprise, Marlen complain why she won’t answer her phone. She tell them that they have no worry, they left.

Ben threaten her to tell him the truth otherwise he will ask detective about assault she did. She sorry to him and tell him it’s because her hormone and pregnant about that holloween’s day.

One woman (the one who meet Dr. curan in 1974) comes to see Ben, she ask him to help. He said she needs to make appointment first, she start to confess her bad habit to him. She tell him that she is Elizabeth, he will make appointment with her tomorrow. Then she start to take off her cloth, she said she has to pay him. He has some dirty vision…he wake up from the calling. She said thank you and left.

He pickup phone it’s from Vivian’s doctor, she tell him that her doctor said she’s not strong enough to get baby. She tell him that Vivian has twin and they are from different father.

Constance comes to ask Moira about Vivian, she thought that she has her lover. But Moira thinks it’s impossible that Vivian will do that. She goes down to see Tate, she is asking him about Vivian’s baby. She ask if he did her baby, he doesn’t deny. She is very upset…

Ben found Moira and Elizabeth are make love together in living room, he has again the vision. But he calm down and ask them out, Elizabeth ask her why it’s not work. Hayden comes to comfort her, she found that Elizabeth doesn’t know she died.

In 1947, after she pass out with amnesia. Dr. curan make out with her body, he start to work at her mouth. But he found that she dead, seem he put too much amnesia on her. He drag her down the basement and meet Dr. Mongermory,  he tell him he will help. He found later he cut her in pieces.

Ben goes to see Vivian’s doctor, now she is chained because she attack the people after they said her that her rapist is her fantasy. He goes to visit her, while she is sleep he speaks to her that she is not his wife anymore. But she’s awake all time.

Ben thinks about one night Ben goes out with Hayden and make some drinks, while he drunk she tell him that she in love with him. He is back and realize that Hayden is at his back, she try to get him back. He confess to her that he never love her, she is very sad.

Hayden tell him about Vivian and black guy in uniform, she tell him that she saw her leave very early.

At Constance’s house she try to apologize the her lover, about what she did. She ask him to marry her, she tell him that they will raise a child. He start to panic, he refused her. She start to complain and mean to him, he can’t accept it and left.

He goes back to see Hayden again, but after he finish he still wants to go back to Constance. Hayden is very upset, she trick him and kill him.

Hayden, Elizabeth, dead guy and Curan discuss how they do, if police found the body Ben will captured or moved out.

Next day, some teenagers found the boy near their playground his body are in pieces. Constance goes to visit Vivian, she asks her about her babies. She try to convince her that she’s ready to help her. Vivian tell her that she is raped, Constance said that she believe.

At house Ben make the alarm loud, the black guard comes. He excuse him for what he did to Vivian, he refused and tell him may Vivian will safe there then here.

Ben found the rubber suit in house, he meet Moira and ask her about the truth. Now he feels sorry for put Vivian in hospital, Moira left before she left Ben see her true form. She said finally he see the things as the way they are.

At Constance’s house, she meets with Billie. She start to ask her about a child from human and spirit. She tell that then it’s an end of the world.