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Arrows Season 3 Episode 7 Draw back your bow

One night the mask man attack the city, Olivier and his team rush there to help. He rescue one girl from mask man, then he left.

Olivier found that Isaac is shot to dead, Laureli’s father give him the red arrow that shot him. Olivier said he will look into it.

At morning, Ray invited Felicity for diner. At first she refuse but after she see dress he bought then she said ok.

Olivier tell John about red arrow they found, he wants Felicity to works on it ASAP. But they found she is busy with her boss. Her boss just changed Queen’s Consolidate to Palmer’s Consolidate. Olivier is seems upset a bit, he smash the head of arrow. He found the address in the head.

He trace to the address with John, they found the owner is actually his fan. He get called from her, she tell him the next target she is going to kill.

Olivier tried to comfort Roy but he doesn’t want. Felicity tell him that she can’t find much info about the next target, she tell him that tonight she has dinner is that ok ? He just tell her to do what she wants.

Today Thea is make audition for band at her club, one guy bark in and say she will get him. She tell him to be in line or get out, he said later and get out.

Felicity tell Olivier that finally she found her the cutter, seem she appear in every crime scene. They found her address, he goes to check with Roy. He ask Roy to rescue the victim, he will find the cutter.

Roy meet her, Olivier try to contact him but Carrie the Cutter answer his communication. Olivier try to convince her to stop, he finally found her.

Roy is unconscious, her victim is hang up with the bomb. He ask what she wants ? She said she wants him, he said never. She kick the victim to hang and run off, Olivier cut the rope and throw out the bomb.

Roy is upset because he is failed, John tell him about her partner she stalked before. Olivier wants to check out himself, John goes to talks with Felicity. He tell her that their thing is mess up with his head. She said this is should be talked from Olivier.

Olivier goes to see her doctor, he ask about her so he can understand her. She tell him about them, he thanks and left.

Olivier and Maseo’s wife goes to check Triad lair, after Maseo disappear for a while. He tell her he will goes to check, he is knock down. Maseo’s wife comes and cut all of them, she ask the last one about her husband. He said he doesn’t know but 3 men from Argus are killed.

Cutter goes to see her colleague, he found the Arrow’s Lair. After she knows the address she killed him. Later police found his body, they call Olivier for that.

He’s going out, John tell him that now he’s not himself. Olivier confess that her bother him, he just wants her to be happy. John said that then he should be with her, while Olivier is leaving to crime scene. John tell him that Cutter is long gone, he said may be not that far.

Ray takes Felicity to diner with CEO, the CEO said he will never sell his business. Ray said night still young. Felicity help him to convince him to sell his mine, she tell them that Ray does for better world not money.

When Thea’s bar is open, she still get no one as DJ. A guy she argue before, comes back to help her and it seems he’s very good. After club close, he comes to take his share but instead he kiss her.

John tell Olivier that Cutter found the Thea’s bar. He ask him to go up and protect Thea. But Carries is there with Thea, Olivier call her he ask to meet her somewhere else. She said if he lie to her, she will come back and kill everyone here.

Olivier goes to downtown, and he realize that it’s a place he saved her. She shows up he try to convince her, but she won’t listen and start to upset. They start to fight, she trick her to her trap. She tie him to the train track, and try to suicide with him. Train come pass them, Olivier break his arm and get out and safe her.

At his lair, John tell him that they put her in suicide squad. He ask if he sure, he thinks she will make different.

After Maseo’s wife and Olivier back, they found Maseo seem he safe. They are happy.

After diner, Ray tell Felicity at office that CEO decided to sell all thanks to her. She also thanks him, then they kiss. Olivier comes and see them, he left. He meet Ray, both of them go to see John to have diner.

At night, Ray is opening the draft of atomic suit. He is thinking about something. In some alley, a man found someone following him. He tell him that he has something he need. He killed him with his boomerang.