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Olympus Season 1 Episode 5 Blood Brothers

Mercenary climb up Athen’s wall,he tell the guards that he is a prince. They don’t believe him, they attack him. He fight the way out.

Queen goes to see Lykos and ask him about Mercenary, she warn him that does not tell anyone. Nobody can be trusted, he still argue that he now can take responsibility. But she still deny him, the spy Dorian, Lykos sent is return. He return his money and say he miss.

At Minos’s King found that Oracle is tied on his bed, they wonder how there is a person can do this. He goes to see Daedalus, he shows him the digging machine. He doesn’t like that.

King’s daughter try to ask Oracle about Mercenary, she try to torture it out from her. She suddenly see the same vision again about eagle, snake and warrior. She also surprise that king’s daughter knows about Lexicon.

King’s brother and High priest discuss about how queen manage the king in control, they are going to use Lykos. They tried to convince him to help them on negotiate for peace. Finally he agreed, he send the message to enemy.

Mercenary success infiltrate to the city, he meet the town girl he tried to convince her that he’s not assassin. Then he found the solider try to hurt her, he show up and help her. He is knock down by them.

Lykos found Mercenary tortured in city, he tell him that he’s his brother. He is stunning, he captured him and tortured. He thinks he plan with his mother.

at Minos’s meeting King ask Oracle to ask gods about his general’s plan, she tell him Daedalus may help him. She said she will ask his corporate. She tricked Thybus to leave Daedalus, she check his eye but seem not so well. They plan to influence the king, but that is not easy. King’s daughter try to convince her father that Oracle is spy, but he doesn’t believe her. 

She tell him that she thinks they have to stop Mercenary before he use the ring to kill gods. Next day they purpose plan to the king, seem he doesn’t convinced.

Queen tell King about Mercenary, she convinced him to treat and trick him so they can use his Lexicon. While Lykos is going to kill Mercenary, he convince him to touch his heart. He trick him and knock him down, but he lost his ring.

At Minos’s camp, king receive Lykos’s message. They are discuss about negotiate, but king doesn’t so believe it much. Oracle and his daughter give him different opinion.

High priest and King’s brother found Lykos tied down in cell, he tell them to stop Mercenary before he goes to see king. At king’s room, priestess try to convince him to accept his son. But he thinks that his son will wants to kill him, at that time Mercenary find the way to the king’s room.

He tell king that he’s his son, king attack him. He tell him he comes to return the ring, but Lykos takes it. He put down his sword, but king still keep attack him. King’s brother comes and ask guard to kill him, but he escape to the throne room.

While king is going to kill him, Queen comes and stop him. She tell him that she bring him here so they can survive. She ask king to accept him, Lykos comes but too late.