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Arrows Season 3 Episode 6 Guilty

Roy and Olivier are at position to stop them from get the weapon. But they can’t find anyone, Felicity said that they are there before. Olivier found them hang up from the ceiling, one of them tell them that they take Paco. They see the blood mark “Guilty” on the floor.

Olivier and Maseo waiting for someone in crowd market, Olivier found him he run after him. Too bad he run out and hit by car, Maseo comes to check his body seem envelope is missing.

Lorelie is training with her coach, after he knock her down. He takes her to taco’s shop.

Roy ask felicity to test his blood, he wants to be sure he has no more miracu. At night Olivier is looking for Paco, he found him but dead. Lorelie and her coach Ted coming, seem this place is his gym. She tell him that it’s not his, they are out for dinner.

Felicity tell Roy that he’s clean, she ask him why. He tell her that in his dream, he is one who kill Sara.

At crime scene after Lorelie talk with her father, she goes out to see Olivier. She said see Ted know nothing, Olivier ask her that after he doesn’t train her to fight, he ask her to careful with Ted.

Maseo’s son teach Olivier to play matching memory. He said to him that his memory is fine, at kitchen Maseo try to convince his wife to help Olivier remember. So they will get clue to get one he wants.

Facility checked the records of all victim, she tell them that they all beat to dead by left hand. She tell him now Ted is on move, Olivier following him. It’s a trap, Ted attack him. But he knock him down, he ask him why he found the body again with him.

He said he is setup and he used to be vigilante too. After talk he seems believe him, even he used to beats someone to dead. They talked with Laureli, they found more tail. He and Ted following it.

Felicity tell Roy that after she check the record of Sara’s dead, it’s possible that he killed Sara.

Olivier and Ted goes to the club that they have clue, he ask him why the murderer try to frame him. They are ambush but a man, he start to shoot at them. Olivier chase him out, but police comes in and capture Ted for murder. Seem they found tail to his locker.

Once Olivier and Laureli back, Roy confess to them about his dream. They were shock, Laureli is very upset, Roy leave. Olivier ask her to check about Ted’s rival, seem he knows him well.

Maseo’s wife help Olivier to remember what’s he saw, he remember now where is the envelope.

Laurlei goes to see Ted at station, she ask him who is him that behind the mask. He tell her that guy is his apprentice, he tell her that six years ago he is the one who kill that man. Then he ban him from city.

That night, after police release him they meet him. He tell him that after he captured, he is tortured for long times. Now he is going to kill him, he also has her. Laureli get chance to call Felicity, Olivier comes to rescue. But he failed and drop down, Roy comes and rescue them on time.

Olivier goes to see Roy, he tell him that he’s going to turn him in. Olivier use Maseo technique to help Roy remember what’s really he did. Roy remember now actually he kill ed the police, but as he see Sara’s dead he confuse and thinks that he killed her. He is upset and leave after knows he is a murdered.

Laurelei goes back to Ted, she wants him to teach her more. At night while polices transfer Ted’s apprentice, girl with arrow shot all of them.