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Olympus Season 1 Episode 4 Minos

2 Men and their mother are in wood for hunting, they found one of the Mika the Assassin that attack Mercenary. She killed them all, their mother run to see them. Assassin ask her about Mercenary, he rescue her and Oracle days ago. She wants to know where is he, but she keep crying. Finally Assassin also kill her.

Mercenary and Oracle are captured by Minos’s army, Oracle is appear at front of the king. He wants her to give her virgin to him tonight, and he wants to kill Mercenary. King thinks that he tried to recruit Daedalus, he is going to questions him.

First king question Daedalus, ask him why he try to defect. After that they put the bee in his face.

At Athens, King comes to General’s meeting. They are discuss about how to solve the war, King wants to die with glory. He wants them to fight, he wants them to attack the enemy tomorrow. At night, Queen make the fortune to Ares. She found the result is bad for king, he ask how they do.

She said there is one chance, she wants him to bed with priestess until Ares accepts him. He ask her to tell general about delay.

At Mions, Mercenary is tortured. They are going to put the snake inside him to eat him slowly, he get a chance to capture king’s daughter. He said he will kill her if the guard move forward, suddenly she get attach to him. After he drop his weapon, she still help him and ask guard back off.

She and Thybus go to see Daedalus, he is punished until he blind. She wants him to work with to make machine for the king. But he is a pain in ass to him.

At night, Oracle goes to see the king. While his daughter get Mercenary in her bed, he refuse to her. He trick her and tie her to the bed and escape. Oracle try to talk the way out, she trick him to make his not work. She trick him that this is because of gods.

At night, Lykos ask one of his soldier to goes after Mercenary to kill him. He infiltrate to Minos’s army.

Queen takes some beard from king and then make ritual to have a sun on Mercenary. The light is point to him, so the spy can get to him.

At Minos, king daughter surprise that the king didn’t get Oracle. He said he is very grateful about her vision. She notice her and trick her with some vision, she also try to trick him to release Mercenary otherwise they will get his curse.

At night, Daedalus trick his assistance to put his invention down the cell. Mercenary get it and escape from cell. But he meet the spy, they also meet other guards. He get that chance to escape.

Oracle after use her trick and get king sleep, she try to sneak out. She meet Mercenary, he tell her he will goes to Athens alone. She won’t accept, he ask her for the ring. She said she keep in very private place.