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iZombie Season 1 Episode 8 Dead Air

Ravi goes to station to get Major out, the police doesn’t wants to treat him. Then Liv’s sister barge in and get him out. He’s beaten so bad, he told them seem the police manages it after he write bad article about police.

He said he doesn’t want to make it goes on, he just wants to know where are his boys. Ravi tell him that the police after rescue some girl, they found a lot of missing persons body near by include his boys.

Major tell them that he knows who kill them, and they won’t believe him. He said this is far from over, everything police say is lie.

Ravi back to morgue, he found Liv is listening the on air show. Suddenly seem the DJ is gone, one of them ask to call police.

They go to the station, they found the DJ Sasha is dead because of electrocute. They ask her producer about the victim, seem victim is great but seem she scared because her license plate is out public. She did ask to have more security before, they question few of her colleague. After check the control room they found the trick that kill her.

At morgue, Ravi ask Liv about her roommate seem he wants to ask her out. Then he goes to check his rats, they found all of them are dead brain eaten. But one of them is missing, they are looking for it. She found and captured it, next Ravi will try to synthesize the serum from its DNA.

Clive comes to see them and tell them about Sasha’s threaten. Seem she has an issue with Chuck. They decided to see him, he explained them that what he did to Sasha is for show.

He show them his wife, Liv get vision about his wife splash the drink to Sasha. Liv found that he sleep with Sasha, she ask that his wife will mad enough to kill her ?

Clive’s boos goes to see Blaine, he tell him he can’t work with him anymore. Blaine threaten him that he has no choice, Clive’s boss also mention about Liv, Blaine tell him that she has her role.

Liv while she’s listening all Sasha’s show, she get the vision about Sasha upset at her producer. They question her about it, she tell them she upset because she send her tape to other radio. Because she wants to leave, but she said later they are ok.

At morgue while Ravi ask her about Payton her roommate, Liv shrink on him. After she found from Ravi that Major is break up, she goes to see him. She knows that he called her from jail to help but she didn’t pickup.

Major tell her about his theory about candyman, he thinks the one police cache is not murdered of his boys. He tell her about brain he found in the car he broke, she try to tell him that probably it’s animal’s brain. But he is so sure is from human.

Liv ask him to promise that he will not goes to find Julian, she left then he continue his research about brain. Liv is so confuse about her relationship with Lowell, after talk they make out. She get some clue from her vision in that time.

At morning, she meet Payton. She has no chance to talk about Ravi, at morgue Ravi ask her about Payton again. Liv tell him straight that he is out of her league, he is upset.

Liv finally get the clue from her show, she goes to see Clive. They go to see her producer, she thinks Kaley one of her assistance may did this ads. Seem she has no alibi, then they found the man that Liv see in vision. Seem her man cheated with Sasha. And seem she is the one who call Sasha in show and tell her she will kill her.

They arrest her, they question her about it. She said that she record that years ago, but what they heard is few days ago. Liv ask why she doesn’t confront her, she tell them that she doesn’t want to be blackmail like Jane, Sasha’s manager.

After Sasha knows about her tape, she use it to blackmail her. She run her story down to all company, it destroy her career. Now she is broadcast instead of Sasha, she will famous.

But after she air a while, she see police comes. She start to be herself, she talk bad about Sasha. After they get in, she is arrested.

When Liv back home, she see Ravi call Payton. She give him to her, Payton then ask her about him. She tell her should say yes. While Ravi talks with Payton on phone, he has rats on his hand. After he hangup, it bite him.

That night Major goes out to get firearm, he wants to start the big fight. At morning, Liv take a bit Lowell’s brain and left. On the way she see Blaine is coming at his building, she see vision of Jerome one of the Major’s boy.