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iZombie Season 1 Episode 7 Maternity Liv

One night Groups of camper found pregnant woman cover with blood ask them for help. At station reporter ask the police about pregnant woman Emily case, she is dead but her baby is ok. They think her husband kill her after know she has  a baby.

At morgue, victim family goes to identify her body. They confidence that her boy friend Dylan do this. After they left, Ravi and Liv are check her body.

Seem after Liv take her brain, it start her Maternity. She start to ask Ravi about his lunch, try to take care him as her child.

Liv goes to see baby at hospital, her mother found her. She has vision about Emily and her family, they lock her up and attack her husband.

Liv tell about her vision to Clive, he and his boss bring Dylan in to question him. He tell them about Emily leaving, she pickup by black car. He said he will happy when he get the baby.

Liv is upset to know that he will get baby, Clive said to her that they have no choice. Major call Clive ask him about Candyman, but seem they can’t do anything for them.

Next day Liv introduce Lowell to Ravi, he start to exam him too. After he left, Liv start to confuse that Lowell thinks at him as a friend or lover. Ravi said to her he can’t help about this.

Clive comes to see them, he complain about Major who make the news write bad about him ignore those missing kids.

Liv goes to hospital again to see Emily’s baby. But she found her parents there, she goes to see her mom instead. She found that her mother try to get her brother part time job. With her Maternity instinct she support that, her mother seem surprise.

At station after that news, Clive get a lot of trouble. Clive found something about her family company, he and Liv go to check the house. He thinks they use this to keep Emily.

Liv remember that this is a place where she see Emily fight in vision, they found the opening door to underground. They go to check, but they trap by her father. They tell them about how they get there, her family talks about Emily.

After they left, Liv tell Clive that Emily is probably capture by Animal control. In vision she see her is lock inside cage and there is dog bark. Next day Clive and Liv see officer from Animal control, she gives them the list of the officers.

Liv can’t find anyone match what she saw, Clive ask her is there anyone get fired. She tell them there is one that get fired because he is peeping tom. but Clive found that the guy is in jail.

Liv goes to see Lowell, things not go so well. He confess to her that after he get gay brain, he’s not ok. She is so relief, they have fun that night as friend.

Liv goes to see baby again, she has another vision about Emily fell down and there are 2 women there. Liv tell Clive about it, he thinks that probably she is carry by river. When he checkup he found the Animal control officer’s husband has a property up the river.

Major is looking for Candyman, he break in his car to get some identity. He found his name Julien and found the box of internal organ including brain. But cop comes and arrest him because he break in car.

Julien comes out the house, Major tell police about utopium and brain. Cop check the car, they found as he said. Julien explain that it’s from calf, he has to delivery it. Police let him goes and get Major in jail.

Liv and Clive is waiting out side their house, they get shot from the house. He request the backup, his boss and cops come to help. Liv spot the place where Emily fell down.

His boss leads to the house, but he is ambush and get shot. He turn the zombie mode and kill her husband. He also kill his wife, Liv break in the place and found 2 girls.

At station, reporter comes to listen police about result they found after investigation. Dylan tell Clive about his show with his baby, Liv is so upset ask him how he will do when he get the baby.

Liv goes to see a baby again, this time she see Dylan and her parents. After this Liv feel love his family more, at the morgue one of Ravi’s rat is break out turn to white and kill others.