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Dig Season 1 Episode 9 Jehoshaphat

After Peter is shot, he feel himself on and off and see Essene and Emma around him. Gohan wake up after he is hit, he found himself in the trunk of car. He call back to office, he found the address of person who can help in case.

Lynn sneak out from Ambassador’s room, she checked the number that Ambassdor just call it’s Jerusalem’s consult. She hear that she comes out, she sneak out her room.

Lynn goes back to her office, she called Peter and tell him that he’s right. She has a plan, she ask one of her officer to check the plane that Pasteur will arrived with. She wants to know what’s inside.

Peter wake up in the prison in the cave, he walk out there and goes to see Essene. He tell him now they have a cow, they will kill and burn it. They will rebuild their temple from new ash and old ash.

Essene want to show them something, he show them the cave. He said he need to know this cave well for his mission.

While at the organization Rabbi Lev go the cow and celebrate. He tell the boy that soon they will be able to rebuild the temple.

Peter call Gohan, while he tell him that he found detective who work on donalson case. He ask him about case, he thinks that he has a file at home. But he said not he can’t help him.

Peter meet Gohan’s brother, he helps him to get the bullet out and let them stay. Lynn get result from her team about flight. But seem they have nothing, Ambassador comes and ask her to caterings staff.

A boy wants to see his cow for last time, one of his friend help him to get inside. He put the white spray on it, he said it will help its life.

Lynn notices the page 3 is missing from the result, she disguise as her office and call the air agency. She asks them to send it to her email address. She found the Pastuer name on page 3.

Lynn goes to see Gohan at station, she wants him to take the flight plan to Peter. Peter and Emma finally makeout, after that Peter feel lost. He call his ex-wife, he thinks god wants him to do something.

Peter meet Gohan, he tell him about flight plan. He needs him goes out now, Gohan notice Emma. They go to the airport, they see Ambassdor , Pasteur and Joshua.

At organization Rabbi is very upset to see what happen to the cow, instead he ask the guy to wash it. But he won’t stop the progress.

After Lynn get call from Peter about the airport, her officer comes to give her the missing fax page. Lynn tell her that it’s too late, she tell her to call Peter and ask him to tail about Pasteur and the boy.

Lynn notice that how she knows there is a kid, except she is one of them. She tell Peter about it,  on her way leave she found a stranger. She try to fight him, but she is attack from the back.

Peter and Gohan sneak in the airport, one of Pasteur’s people get the called. She tell them that FBI know they are here. He said that change nothing, they leave.

Gohan try to following them, before they left Peter heard the word “Jehoshaphat” he remember that he also heard from donaldson’s kid. They go to see him.

At night, a boy after know that Rabbi won’t quit. He sneak in his room and try to kill him, but Essene stop him.

They found the nurse as it’s not the visiting hour, she won’t allow them. Gohan trick him and left, then they sneak in. They found a writing in his room, they try to wake him.

Peter get called from Ian, he fear and wants him to help. Gohan comes with shot, he shot him and tell Peter can go. The shot will take effect an hour later.

Essene tell boy that even he kill Rabbi it won’t stop him, except he kill one person. He needs to kill high priest.

Peter goes to see Ian at dig site, but he can’t find him. Donaldson is wake up, Gohan get the answer from him. He call Peter and warn him he’s in danger, while he walk the car hit him. Emma get out the car and kill him.