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iZombie Season 1 Episode 6 Virtual Reality Bites

Ravi is fixing Major in morgue, Liv found them there. He tell them about candyman, and Jerome’s shoe. She fixed his wound.

Ravi get a called that there is a body, they have to go to look. At Frankie’s apartment, a young boy comes to delivery things for her. But seem he miss the brain, she can’t wait and eat him.

Ravi, Clive and Liv found the body at stair. Seem the victim is locked inside for a while, Clive thinks that he has a heart attack.

Frankie call Blaine and tell them about her order never reach her. She already has 2 body killed, Blaine seem notice from her words.

Liv and Ravi tried to find more clue but no luck, Liv said she doesn’t want to eat his brain. Clive comes and tell them about the victim, seem he is the hacker. But seem she has no choice.

After she ate, she see the vision about victim. She see him choking on donut, she thinks may be he allergy on food. But Ravi tell her that he found nothing in him that make that.

She tell Clive about it, she still has no idea how he died. Clive then realize that they found the card on his room, Liv found piece of peanut in the card. This is a reason why victim is dead.

This night, Liv goes out to date with Lowel. But when she goes out she start to dizzy, she has to call to cancel this date.

Ravi tell Clive about result he found, seem the street kids has access to expensive food before he died. Ravi ask Liv to check more, she log in to the games the victim play. One of the player ask her to help him, Ravi tell her to accept him. He will goes back home and login too.

Liv’s mother comes to see her because she heard that she sick, she found Liv play game online. She meet the one she think killed the victim, she expose herself as cop. She found that the other is just a kid. So it’s impossible for him to kill the victim.

Lowell comes by to check on her, she invite him in. She tell him about her engaged, they start to talk about their life. While Major is looking for footage at the skate place, he see the guy who beat him.

Ravi tell him that his wound is opened, he wants to goes to Liv. Ravi tell him that she is not alone. While they are talking, Liv found more clue from victim’s computer.

Clive goes to Blaine’s place, he ask him about a teenager who has expensive food in him. Blaine try to lure him to the back, but fortunately Liv call him and stop him from that.

Clive takes 2 people to question, while Liv is online meeting with them. They thinks that they are the one who send peanut to victim. But seem they don’t know his address.

They found that must be another donut’s shop that delivery that to him direclty, Blaine goes to see Jackie. He tell her that the cop is looking for his delivery boy, he kill her.

Liv hack into donut’s shop, she try to link each employee to player in game. But she’s not success. Then she has another vision, she goes to tell Clive about it. In the card that kill victim, there is a song. Clive thinks the killer wants him to know who kill him.

Liv tell him that she found the killer, he is the brother of girl who victim threaten her. At crime scene, he is the one who ask that if he suffer. After her sister get complain from victim, she get fired. At then later she suicide, he apply the job at donut’s shop to delivery to victim.

On way home, Liv meet Lowell they start to make out. At Ravi’s house, finally Major get good shot of the man who beat him. After Ravi see the picture, he rush to see Liv and show her the picture. She found that it’s Blaine, so all missing kids is because of him.

Liv’s mother goes to Blaine’s shop, she found that the shop need the delivery boy. She ask if her son can apply is he too young ? He said he can apply.