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Olympus Season 1 Episode 2 Daedalus

Mercenary is get bleeding to see the vision, while the priest is write what he see. He see something about the ring of magi. While he’s in deep vision, he suddenly see the beast. Priest ask him what kind of beast, he said he doesn’t know.

He plan to probe deeper, Oracle then stop him and offer the help. She thinks if the process continue, he may die.

She trick them and release him, she wants him to fight. They start to fight them, finally they chase them. Priest is escape.

The queen tell his son Lykos to report everything back to her after the meeting, in the meeting generals are argument about plan. Lykos suddenly offer them a plan, they are impressed.

Mercenary and Oracle finally escape, she thinks they should head north to see his father. But he has no interest, he wants to go south to his home.

She try to explain him that with his Lexicon, if he can figure it out. He will open door to Olympus and become god. But he has no interested at all.

He ask her she wants to be a god ?, she said she just wants to stop the war. Seem he doesn’t know that his father is surrounded. While they argue, they spot the man flying on the machine.

It fell down, they rush to help him. They found him mummer to himself, he give Oracle the feather. She see him as young man in vision, he start to mummer to himself again. Then he try to jump off the cliff, they help to hold him back.

Queen surprise from what Priest tell her about mercenary, she knows now the king has another son. She asking him about the ring, he said he doesn’t tell him. She said she will send Kouros with him to find mercenary.

Queen approach the king ask about his older son. She is upset why he give the Lexicon to him, King tell her that it’s a curse.  He said if she know her before he will ask her to guide him. She give him sleep again.

After they rescue the old man, then they spot the Minos’s men, they escape. They are Priest and Kouros on the other side of cliff.

At night Queen ask Lykos about meeting, he lied to her that nothing to say. She leave.

At night, Minos’s men climb up the wall on the side that empty as Lykos’s plan. They are shot by the archer. one of general come to greet him that his plan work well.

While escape, the old man start to collapse. They decided to rest, Oracle see the vision that the king of athens will be killed.

Daedalus, Old man has a vision that his son Icarus with his machine fall down, he is very sad. Oracle try to comfort him but doesn’t work, she see Mercenary drawing the ring of magi.

He ask her what’s it, he said he doesn’t know. Seem he saw it somewhere, but he forget. They tell him that king stole the ring, he ask what it’s does ? Seem no one know, then he ask why they want it.

He is heading south to find the ring, Oracle said they should stick together because they meet is from God intention. Finally they decided to go to south.

Kouros tracking down them and lost their way, they ask the help from queen. She make the prey, and cast a while woman out.

A general tried to trick Lykos to be a king, other generals come in and want him to sacrifice a man. He can’t do it, he run off to temple. General following him and give him a man Kimon.