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iZombie Season 1 Episode 5 Live Until You Die

The group of parachute jumper celebrate before they jump, finally one of them found dead. Liv and Ravi are there to check the crime scene.

Her sister call her and tell her that Holly one of their friend get an accident. She realize that the body there is Holly.Liv notices one of the survivor guy there with strange feeling.

Major Liv’s ex goes to see Clive about 2 teenagers are missing. He is upset because for weeks cop still not do anything. He tells him about candyman, he ask cop should goes to check something ? He left and upset, Clive warn him don’t do anything.

At morgue, Ravi tell Liv she doesn’t need to eat her brain. Seem cause of death are clear, she goes back home she is talking about Holly with her sister.

Her sister show her the post from Holly before she died. She has vision about Lowell and Holly, seem he freak her out. She goes to ask Clive to check on it.

After Liv get Holly’s brain, she starts to do some excitement like ride a bike. She ride it to the station, they question Lowell. Liv ask him why Holly jump first, he said he is nervous.

Liv tried to question him more, but Lowell wants her to answer his question too. He tell her about Holly’s last night, he suddenly ask her about boyfriend. Clive come in and tell them that the footage are destroy, he thinks someone do to protect him.

Clive decided to takes all her friends to questions, during the question Liv has a vision of one of the guy is gay. Look likes they afraid her to tell someone else.

This morning Clive’s boss complain to him that he working on Holy’s case without cause, Liv show up and tell him that Holly is drug. His boss agree with him for work on this case now.

Liv tell Clive that tonight she will be at Holly funeral, he ask her to ask around as they have no warranty.

She and her sister goes to the funeral, they meet Major. Liv also meet Holly’s friend they are unwelcome her. She look around for some clue, she has vision about Lowell again. Then she meet him, he ask her to join his drink.

She ask him why his friend said that he has changed, he accepted that he really has changed. She found that he’s also zombie. He explain her that when Holly panic at him, he’s about turn on. He yell her to leave him alone, after that he jump down and wait he’s back to normal before join the other.

Major comes and see them close, he tell her that he’s leaving. Liv walks him out, she comfort him that he will find his boys.

Clive goes to check around where teenager goes missing, he asks around about them. One of the boy show him that there are several teenagers missing.

Liv tell Ravi about Lowell, he also tell her that the prescription she asked him to check it might belong to their killer. He is waiting for name, when the fax come it’s belong to Carson.

Clive questions him again and ask about it, he refused Clive tell him that he has romantic with a guy, but as Holly knows he worry his sponsor with shut him down so he kill her first. He said that that is not his, he said that probably about an email he found.

He said in email it’s about his sponsor make someone die, he and Holly try to expose him. But he afraid to do, so he asked Eliza to convince Holly not to do. He has no idea Eliza would kill her, Clive and police goes to check Eliza. Seem he just miss her.

Today Clive after report the progress to his boss, he tell him about several missing teenagers too. His boss upset and tell him that they should looking for case only when someone is died. After he leave, his boss pour all hot source in his coffee.

Major goes to place and look around his boys, he found a man that wear one of his boy’s shoe. They make a fight, that man turn on zombie mode and knock him down.

Lowell comes to see Liv at morgue, he comes to ask her out. Before she say anything, the new body comes. She promise she will call him, she is very happy and feel alive.