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Dig Season 1 Episode 8 Sisters of Dinah

At mental facility, Geogery receive a package he found that it’s a piece of chess. Peter goes to see Lynn, he complain her about last meeting. She said he changed the time, she waits him for an hour. He said he though that she could be trust.

She complain to him that he never make her trust, he said sorry to her now she ask if she’s not bad then who is ?

At dig site, the order of moriah tried to find the place “dinah”. Professor solve where is it. Debbie is wander back to the facility with her shortgun.

Lynn goes to see Ambassdor, she ask her about text send to Peter. She accept that she did change the time. Lynn tell her about Peter’s theory and tell her that someone from Order of Moriah help him.

Ambassdor call Rabbi Lev to ask about it, he realize they tried to connect her and him. Lynn called Peter after the meeting with her, he and Gohan thinks also that Ambassador should fell for them.

At the orginization, Avram tell Rabbi Lev that he lost the cow. He tell him no worry, he already has a plan. He prepared the team to rescue the cow from Essene.

Peter, Gohan and Emma go to see Professor Zohar, they ask him about Donaldson and Ian. He tell them about Donaldson killing too, seem one day he killed himself and his family.

From Donaldson’s footage they think they found where he’s shot. Ian and his assistant go to the place where “Dinah” might be, it’s at house’s basement.

Debbies sneak in the facility, she accidentally found the lab’s room. She found medical record of facility’s employee.

Lynn goes to the security room to check about footage last week, she wants to confirm about Yuseff entry.

Peter and Emma are looking for place that can shot Donaldson. Peter found that it’s a same place tat Ian just entered. Caretaker show them room where Donaldson was. While at the basement, Ian found the place where Dinah is.

Peter and Emma found his hidden place, they found hidden passage.

Debbies encounter sheriff, while he tried to ask her put down her gun. She shot him dead. She found Joshua and get him out.

Lynn found that the camera’s log that night is changed by someone. If she following the log, she will see how Yuseff enter the building without seen.

While Gohan keeps eye at the Orginazation, he notices Rabbi’s men with their heavy weapons. He decided to following them.

Peter and Emma go down to check, they found the place with symbol as in Emma’s note. At the same time Ian also found the same room from his camera. He found the body of Essene and their treasure.

Lynn following the log, she could enter the building and it leads her to Ambassdor’s room. While she’s looking for evidence, she is coming. Lynn hide in her room, Ambassdor call someone about Rabbi’s people.

Then she found that she is meeting with security guy who she ask to check about camera’s log. Lynn heard her ask someone to get rid her before Pasteur come.

Debbies block the path so they can’t following her by fire, she leads Joshua to her car and drive off. They are hiding at some motel, she asked him to rest.

While she’s not know, Joshua killed her.

Gohan following them to Qumran, but while he not carefully he’s attack and knock out. At night Peter following Gohan to Qumran, they found the groups of men make the enchanting.

Peter notices Essene who rescue him last night, without sound they are gun by men from behind. He meets the Essene who helped him, he ask them about Gohan. Before he can ask him more, Rabbi’s men arrive and start to shoot.

Finally they can get the cow, and Peter is shot.