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iZombie Season 1 Episode 3 The Exterminator

2 young boys is recording shot at abandon warehouse, they found something lurking in the well. One of them put their hand and his camera inside to take a shot.

Days later, Liv and her boss are working at the morgue. He found the clip that young boy claim to be zombie. He ask her to check out.

Blaine come to see Liv, she clearly tell him that she is not trust him. He leave her. When Liv come back home, her sister show her case about murder of Wally Walker. She ask her to practice law with her.

Apparently the brain she just eat is belong to her victim, she goes to see detective to ask him to checkout. But he refused, she complain him several words before left.

When she back home, her sister show her video of her ex-boy friend kiss another girl, but seem she feels nothing at all.

The next day, Liv and her boss goes to see the place where young boys take video about zombie. They heard the sound of zombie, when he look inside the well he see something. Liv takes a look, she found Marcy her friend who invite her to the party.

They think that if Liv didn’t take a brain for long, she will look like her. Her boss said that may be they can fixed her. He throw her the brain and flesh, they hope when they come back she will be reverse.

Liv goes back to convince detective again, he finally agree and goes to check cop bar. They go to check smitty, seem Wally Walker owed him a lot of money.

They found that Clive was there the night that Wally died, they go back to Wally’s house. They ask his wife to look around for more evidence. They go through his stuff, she then see the moment he hit. Clive also found the gun that killed Wally.

They are looking for orange car that run over Martin, when her sister come back she tell her that she is going to send innocent man to jail. Now they found more evidence, her sister is so upset.

At morgue, Liv feels bad that she should sorry to her sister. Her boss said she should be OK, they should also check on Marcy. Then her ex-boy friend come to see her with a teenager. He tell her that one of his friend missing 4 days ago, they need her to tell the cop.

She takes them to see Clive, he ask them about the missing boy. A teenager tell them about a scary man who give utopium near the place missing boy hang around.

Clive tell her that he found the car, it was sell to the a guy. They ask him about it, he tell them seller sold that and ask him not to tell anyone. He tell them the guy who see him is Don Watts who is Wally investor.

Clive and Liv takes Watts to station and question him about his car, he refused that it’s not his car. They tell him that they found piece of Marvin at that car, and they also found his DNA in the car.

Watts is very claim and wants to hear all their story, Clive tell that Wally has a debt problem. He hire Marvin to take out Wally, then kill Martin to close. Watts seem very confidence that they can’t do anything to him.

Clive tell Liv that he will walk if they can’t find the connection between him and Marvin. Clive takes her to get Marvin’s car, they look around for the clue. When Liv see ice cream truck she has another vision about Watts and Marvin.

Liv goes back with Ravi to check on Marcy, but seem they experiment doesn’t work. She is not reversible, Liv ask to kill her. To be sure she won’t infect the other.

Ravi fell down when he try to inject Marcy, he ask her for help while Marcy tried to catch him. Liv jump down and fight with her, she turn on Zombie mode. Once she kill her, she head next to Ravi. He success to calm her down before she attack him.

Clive ask Liv and Ravi at the station, he questions Watt again. They can tell his car, his dress and his address where he met Marvin. They trick him to believe that they found the garbage man who met them both that day.

While he stunning, Liv’s sister comes down and offer him the condition. They ask him to confess, he will get reduction. He sign.

A teenage boy still looking for his friend, he ask many until he meet Blaine. He tell him that he just see him, he tell him he is at the party not far from there. He walks him there.