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Dig Season 1 Episode 6 The Well of Souls

Golan goes to the crime scene where they found Yussef’s body. Near his body they found digital time, he ask if it traceable. They said yes, he suddenly take it and leave.

Charles ask Debbie what’s going on, she explained to her that they are going to build temple in Jerusalem and Josh is the high priest. He is not believe what she said, he said he will get them to FBI.

Peter is at his office, he ask to check the plan compare what he see in Emma’s drawing. Lynn comes up tell him that they found Yussef’s body, so she ask him to stop investigate.

Peter found that the designer who make that plan in in some institute, he goes to see him. His doctor tell him that he is obsess with the religion, and then become crazy.

He ask them about his last place, while Golan check the time record at the coffee shop. The manager said that belong to their bar man, while Peter goes to see that man’s house he found his wife and ask about that design.

She told him that they meet together before he’s 21. Once he’s 21, he received mail inside explain about his father. Once he read it he change to another man, he tell her that people of the order or moriah will after him. And after that not long the police come to takes that mail.

Golan goes to check the key’s owner apartment, in his closet he found the pictures of Emma. He think he found the killer, he called Peter.

Peter after takes a look, he doesn’t feel right. While they leave they notice the key’s owner. He run off, and they following him and get him.

Gohan doesn’t believe Peter anymore, he thinks he get the killer. But Peter thinks they try to make them off the track. He tried to ask Lynn to help him, but that man is going to confess.

Peter trick Gohan and get chance to face the man, he notices that man is trying to trick them. He is upset try to attack him, he accidenlty attack Gohan and Lynn who tried to stop him.

Sheriff found the hotel where Debbie is hiding, Pasteur tell him do not do anything. He will send someone instead.

The whitesuit man takes a boy to abandon house, he said he should use it for shabbat. He get a boy to bath with ice, he’s very cold. At night he escape the house and make a call to Rabbi.

After he explain what he did, Rabbi tell him that man is Essene. He ask him to kill him, after he get home he get a knife. But he failed, Essene takes him out and try to kill him but he’s not.

After he goes back to a house, he found that his cow is gone.

At night, Debbie found Joshua is missing. She found him at the toy booth, he ask her why she get him off the facility. Before they do anything , Pasteur’s men come and get Charlies. Debbies takes that chance steal a car and drive off.

At station, Peter goes to apologize Lynn for what he did. She fired him and wants him back US. Before leave Peter leave the key he got to Gohan.

Debbie leave Joshua in car and goes in FBI office. Before she meet anyone, she received a call. Pasteur tell her that if she doesn’t go out, they will kill Charlie.

Ambassodor is now come to a place call “well of soul”, it’s under the dome of rock. Nobody is there for 2500 years.

The polices escort Peter to his room, they said they will leave at 9.00 PM. While he’s thinking what he should do, then he notices someone is in his room.

He found Emma Watson.