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iZombie Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

Liv is a doctor, she is working on Hospital. After work she actually has a date with her boyfriend, but one of her colleague invite her to party. He thinks she should goes, she did.

Unfortunately in the party some how, it full with the zombie. They are going to kill everyone, she try to escape.

In morning, she found herself in body bag. She wake up, she found herself now zombie.

After 5 months, now she’s working on morgue. Once she’s back home, she found her family try to help her comfort. They thinks she has PTSD after what she found on her boat.

She tell them now she has to go to work, she is at the morgue. There her colleague tell her that trucker found Jane doe in garbage, no any ID. Once he left, she cooks her brain and eat it.

Then her colleague comes back, he knows what she is. He ask her questions and try to examine her. He tell her that he knows her for a long time, she is surprise why he doesn’t expose her.

She explain him about that night, she meet a guy try to give her utopium. But she refused, then people start to chaos and running. She have to eat brain otherwise she may be end up like them.

The Detective comes down to ask them about Jane Doe result, he show them the handcuff that they get near the body. She start to see the vision about shop and handcuff. She tell them that she is arrest for shoplifting in 2008.

Once they check they found who Jane Doe is. Detective is a bit upset and wants to know how she knows, he tell him she’s psychic.

Once he left, she explain to him that after she eats the brain she may see their vision or dream. All night she can’t sleep.

In morning, she goes to place where her family will make the party. There she heard the scream, then she see another vision about weather man.

Her colleague wants to tell that to detective, but she thinks her life already complicate. He tell her she should use her ability for good.

She goes to see detective at station, she has a bad habit about red color. She takes them when she see it, when he see her. Seem he is upset because last time the name they give to him, it’s wrong.

Now she tell him that she knows who kill her, after she tell him he is not believe. When she leave, he said no he wants her to go to see him together.

When they approach him, after he see her picture. He’s surprise, but when detective ask him about her. He said he doesn’t know her, then Liv said word that she call him. He ask did she record their session ?

After he knows that she is dead, he is very surprise. He tell them should check with her friend.

Detective wants her to go with him to check her apartment probably her psychic may give them something. But after she knows she dead, she freak out and hide but she tell them her real name.

They found her apartment, after check they found that seem she takes something and try to hide it. Once again she suddenly see the vision, she see how she’s died.

They goes back to her friend apartment, but she is gone. Her neighbor tell them about Monica. They are looking for her before she’s also killed.

Liv goes back to the morgue, her colleague tell her that he is looking for cure for her, and she should help detective to investigate.

At station detective is ordered by his boss that he wants to give the case to Pratt, he is upset and goes to see her at morgue. They found that actually Pratt is the murder, and now he knows her address.

Before he start to kill them, detective goes there. Pratt run off, he following him. Liv saw him escape in car, she stop him with her car. He shot her and drag her out.

Once detective run down to see her, she is missing. She following him on car and crash his car. She almost lost herself before she is going to eat him, detective following her there.

He arrest him, after that she goes back to morgue to remove the bullet. Now she feel that she is useful.

This night she could sleep well, next day after she eat the brain. She see the vision of someone is running from the guy who attack her on the party.