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iZombie Season 1 Episode 2 Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?

Lola come back from her dinner, she found javier is dead. Liv and her boss come to check the body. The detective comes to ask them about the result, but personally he thinks it’s the wife. He ask her if she get some vision, she said not yet.

The next day, her ex-fiance comes to see her with her stuff. He try to get an excuse to see her. That night she  has a bad dream about zombie who attack her.

At the morgue, she get a vision about Javier and a woman. Seem they had the visitor, she tell her vision to detective. They go back to see Javier’s wife.

They meet Lola and woman with Javier, Tasha. Seem Lola is aware that he has affair, she actually allow them.

When she back at office, her boss recommend Jimmy he’s sketch artist. He help her to sketch the zombie who attack her. But before he could finish it, she try to complete it by herself. He is upset and leave.

Detective is question Lola’s friend and Javier’s manager Fiss, he ask him about his height. He suggest him to check about Javier’s girls.

Now Liv discover that she can paint too, she made some paint. Today when she is at the office, she meet the zombie who attack her. He ask if she is looking for him.

She ask him about guy he chased and killed, he explained that the guy try to mug him so he get upset and kill him. They start to share their emotion, things they like, things they miss until her boss come down.

He start to exam him too, he suddenly how she turn to zombie. She said it’s him that go rage and attack her. He said he doesn’t remember, during the talk she suddenly see the vision about Javier, Tasha and other man.

She wants him to leave, because she doesn’t trust that he should be alone with her boss. He said fine and leave.

Liv goes to see detective and get Tasha’s Ex. They start to question him, he tell them about new Javier’s girl. He tell them about his manager ‘s daughter.

At night in bar, the zombie who attack Liv try to flirt a woman he found. After done, they go back to her room. His eye change in to red.

Next day, Liv’s ex found her paint the painting. He also found that she is a bit change about her music, when he purpose that he will give her some CD. She kiss him at the cheek, he’s a bit confusing.

At morgue, the zombie he come to see Liv again. He said he need her help, she finally agree to help him. He wants to meet her at his place, she agree to meet him.

At some ally, a man come to him and tell him that his boss want to see him. While he tried to threaten him to go with them now, while he tried to convince them. Liv see him give them something, she thinks he again try to sell them the drug. She left.

Finally he get in their car, he told them once he run the city he will not make same mistakes. He start to kill them all in their car.

He goes back to the girl he attacked the night before, she already turn to zombie. She ask what is he doing to her. He tell her that now she’s zombie, he tried to sell her a brain plus the tan spray.

At morgue, her boss ask Liv about that man. She thinks that he is a liar, they should not trust him. Before they finish, Detective Clive comes to ask them about the result.

He tell them that Javier’s broke, they still wonder why Lola cover for him. He said they will find more clue at the Javier’s art show tonight.

They are at his show, they are looking for clues. Clive meet Lola and ask about Fiss, seem that night he goes for ATM for 20 minutes. with that time it’s enough to go to kill Javier and back.

While Liv meet Tasha’s Ex, he tried to attack her. Then she start to see vision about Fiss’s daughter, she is pregnant. Liv warn him that he should not mess around her, he won’t listen and start to attack her.

She turn to full zombie mode and break his nose, she left him. Clive tried to question Fess more, he accuse him that he killed for money. Liv approach him and tell him actually he killed because his daughter is pregnant with Javier.

But seem he stun and surprise, Clive notice that his wife is act strange. Fiss said that after he’s back, she is not there and late. He knows that she kill him but he still try to cover for her, but finally she used him.

She confess that he is going to start new family, that she can’t accept. She is arrested.

That night after Liv is back home, she learn from Javier about Love. She start to painting, and then goes to see her ex. She tell him she wants to hang out with him, he’s very confusing.

He is very upset because for 6 months he tried to get to her, but she won’t response. He ask her to left, she left with confusing.