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Dig Season 1 Episode 4 Prayer of David

Peter goes to check the library about article of Rabbi Lev, after he found some clue. He goes to pickup Golan. He explain to him that Rabbi Lev try to blow up some temple, but Rabbi Lev are not arrested.

Peter ask him about breastplate, he tell him that his uncle know about it. He thinks that these people try to make the temple, Golan doesn’t believe he said if this happen the www III will happen.

A boy and his cow finally at Croatia, he meet the one who pick him up. He is very happy, they are eyed by white suit man.

In morning, Ambasssdor is seeing Lynn. She ask her to fired Peter, otherwise get him under control. She call to ask the status of last stone, she is told that she will get it today.

Peter and Golan go to see his uncle, he tell them it’s impossible even they have all stone. They still can’t build the temple, Peter asking where Rabbi Lev will look for stone.

He said the stone location is protected by war tablet, he tell him that it’s in Israel museum.

Yussef now heading in museum disguise as worker, he infiltrated in the building to get it also.

Peter received the call from Lynn, she tell him that he really upset Ambassdor. They are heading to museum, the curator allow them to see it. But they are too late, the tablet is gone.

Peter found the vent is open, they think the killer is not gone yet. Peter climb up the vent and following him. Golan run around to see the suspect. Peter just run pass him, Yuseff is hiding among visitor. He just calmly walk out the front door.

At new mexico, Charlie is looking for Debbie. He’s worried about her call, he asking around but no one know her. In facility, she is imprisoned in the basement. He finally get news from one of waitress, but deputy also notices him.

A driver ask a boy to take a shower and change his cloth. They bring him to small village, but there a white suit man is waiting.

Charlie arrive to the facility, Pasteur open and let him in. He looks around to find her, Pasteur comes to meet him. He tell him she left, he still doesn’t believe he wants to search.

Debbie heard that Charlie is looking for her, she try to shout to him. But he doesn’t get it, He found the locked door. He gun at Pasteur and ask him to open it. But he found nothing, he tell him that she sneak the drug in and start to used it again.

Yussef bring table to Rabbi Lev, they are looking on it. Fortunately at museum they make scan of tablet too. They takes them to see his uncle, after look he thinks that it’s point to something.

Peter realize the paper with hole from Emma. He tried it on, Peter ask him what’s it. He said it’s nonsense, he said they make the tablet in metal instead of paper. Peter thinks that may be they put something at the back, so they tried on the back.

These letter leads to number in the book, they got some sentence about David. He said it’s about Armageddon.

After Charlie search for a while, he give up and leave. When he looking for something in his car, suddenly he found Debbie’s ring.

After a boy meet daughter of a man who pick him up, he is interested in her. But after he notice the cross, he suddenly run off.

At facility, they are going punish Debbie. But they want her to confess that she’s wrong. She doesn’t afraid of them, she tell them that they are murdered.

At morning, a while suit man comes to see that boy and a cow.

Yuseff, Peter and Golan is looking for David mosaic. It’s at the roman bathhouse. They arrived there, and found that Yuseff is trying to get gem off it. They following him, Yuseff get on the bike.

While Golan get the car, Peter shot his bike down. But he still on, they chase him but he could escape.

At facility, Joshua make the stone read and tell Debbie that she’s guilty.