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12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 13 Arms of Mine

From last episode, after Jones save Coles from died with his paradox blood. Now he can’t go back anymore, what they will do ?

In 2015, Cole found Aaron and he try to get the truth from him. As he is the reason why his father get killed, he ask him who are them. But he won’t tell, even when Cassy ask him.

In 2043, they still wonder how the red plant grow in their machine. Whitley tried to convince Jones to escape, because nothing to be done here. She ask him to double the security, he tell her that they have no man power.

Outside Deacons and new stranger are discuss they should directly attack them now. But he doesn’t so sure, last time he lost a lot of his men.

In 2015, finally Aaron tell them about Woman he met. He said they know what’s coming. He tell them they can find them with Makridge because they are their key investor.

While they are discussing about what they heard, Aaron make his escape. Cole following him and get fight, during their fight they make the fire and Aaron trap in the fire. Cole get her out then she tried to help him out.

They found later that now Jennifer is new CEO, she might know who is her investor. They go to see her at the event, where she will appear.

In the event, she really upset her shareholders. They start to leaving the event, Cole finally meet her out the event. She get them in the company, they ask her about her investor.

She tell them about Ethan seki, and the government project “splinter”. After they gone, Jennifer call and tell them that now he knows.

At Ramsey base, Olivier ask him what he’s seeing. He said he try to remember his past and future. She bring him a security too, he doesn’t want him. He said now it’s almost finish, until he get to the machine.

In 2048, Deacon get the truck of bat, they tell him that it’s lure by the core. They release all of them, they fly to the Core but they block by the filter. But they block all air, and make core temperature in danger. Whiltely tell them that they are coming.

In 2015, the scientist try to experiment the machine by send the plant. It disappear but they don’t know that is it works. Project leader wants to use the primate, but the his assistance thinks it will kill them like from green plant to red plant. He has confidence that it will works.

He get the message that their investor will come. Cole and Cassy are outside the facility, she see they have a heavily security. How they can get in, Cole tell her that by secret tunnel.

Ramsey comes with his guard, he see the machine. He ask him to give him the item and get out.

Cole and Cassy are inside the facility, they split to go to machine. Cassy found the room with red plant, she starting to see the witness again.

Cole goes to the machine room and found Ramsey, he is surprise that he still alive. Ramsey tell him that he just want to go home, he didn’t try to destroy it.

He asked him so he become who kill 7 billion to save 1, Ramsey said and he is not ? Ramsey tell him that he feel guilty to kill him for a long time, he can’t kill him again.

Cassie barge in the point gun at Ramsey, she think he’s the witness. Cole try to calm them down, he tell her that he’s not. Cassie said he kill everyone, Cole try to get her gun down.

Suddenly she shot Ramse, his guard shot her. Cole shot his guard, she found that she will bleeding internally. He ask him to inject her with the serum, he will send her to Jones.

Ramse ask Cole to go back there and take care his son,

In 2048, Deacon lead them to secret tunnel. While Jones get the bomb out and prepare it. The Stranger seem to need to have Jones.

Deacon and the strangers comes to machine room, they found Jones hand with trigger and the machine is also attach with the bomb.

Stranger leader tell her that they are represent the future not the past, she tell them to let her people go then the machine will be theirs. She said the past can’t change, she made the mistake. Otherwise if they don’t agree, she will kill everyone in this room.

Leader tell them to unarmed her men and let them go, Deacon doesn’t agree. But he doesn’t care, Whiltley and her scientist are release.

In 2015, Olivier is informed that the 12 are ready. They are 12 baby, actually become the stranger who attack the Jones’s facility.

Olivier said that today is Ramse’s end day. But for Cole is unknown by the witness. Cole after run out, he goes back to help Ramse. He said no one has to died to day, must be there is another way.

In 2043, they locked her up because they will need her. Deacon ask Jones that is the machine Cole goes with ? She said yes but he will never come back, then the machine start to work some one is coming back.

Cassie is the one who come back.

In 2015, Jennifer is leaving with her jets. She will delivery 12 baby to 12 cities.