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Dig Season 1 Episode 3 The Rosenbergs

At diner, Ambassdor is back to the party. Peter barge in the party, everyone looks at him. Lynn takes him outside, he tell her that the suspect is inside. Ambassdor comes to ask him, he tell her that he’s here. She start to evacuate the building.

After evacuated, the guard report to them that they are not found the suspect. Peter is not really in trouble.

Peter goes back to his apartment, he takes a look on Emma’s item. He found that she spent time a lot in one coffee shop, and he found paper with some hole. And other paper write “it’s about 19”. Peter is searching about it, he stop after Lynn comes to see him.

A boy with a goat who get on the ship to Croatia, he’s not so well. He’s get out from his hideout to get some food for his goat.

At facility, Pasteur ask Debbie and Faye to takes Joshua to get some icecream, play game. So he can experienced the boy life.

In morning, Peter goes back to Emma’s apartment again. After he is there a while, someone come to delivery package for Emma. He get it, he found the documents inside the package.

Yusef disguse as Bueker to see Mr. Ingmar, he shows him his safe. He show him his collection, Yusef see the last stone in his safe.

Peter and Golan goes to the place in her document. They tell them that Emma wants them to check something, they tested it and they found that’s DNA from a cow.

While Josha is playing, Faye and Debbie are in diner. Debbie takes chance while in toilet to escape from Faye. She make a call to Charlie, tell him where are them. She wants him to give her money, but he refused.

Faye comes to check her in toilet, suddenly Debbie attack and knock her down. She takes Josha escape.

Peter and Golan found the coffee shop that Emma used to be, he found the building that Emma draw it on. And the sign on door write number 19.

Peter doesn’t hesitate, he goes in the building. He found the old book, writing about Cow. A woman show up and show them around, they stop in one room.

At that room Peter see Rabbi Lev, he notices something. He following him out, he wander around and lost. Then he meet Rabbi Lev again, he ask Peter how he knows them. He tell him that his niece are here, then he show him picture of Emma.

But Rabbi seem make nothing suspicious, he leave there. He found Golan on the way, he is upset and wants him to explain.

Peter wants to show him something, but when arrive his apartment someone tear it down to find something. Peter get Emma’s note out, Golan is upset and try to get it.

One of the guard of center appear, he show them that he’s secret police undercover for 18 months. The Rabbi send him to check them, he tell them that he never see Emma there too.

A boy after can’t find the food, he decided to use his gun to get it. But he failed, they beat him and took his gun.

Debbie after escape she takes Joshua to the station, she tell the sheriff everything and after she sign the statement. She meet the sheriff with Pasteur.

Yusef goes to the bar and make close to one of the guard of Ingmar. He kill him and get the access to the safe. At night he sneak in the house, but he found that the stone is fake.

Peter again go back to Emma’s room.

At the secret meeting, Ambassdor is upset when she found the last stone is fake. Rabbi Lev ask her about Peter, she said she will take care of him.