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Dig Season 1 Episode 2 Catch You Later

Detective Cohen takes Peter to question at station, he ask him about chasing car, Emma Wilson. He seems hesitate to ask him about Emma. Lynn comes in and takes him out.

He tell Lynn that he’s in the camera picture, she tell him to tell Cohen. He said no otherwise he can’t work on this case.

At facility, Pasteur ask one of Josh’s caretaker Debbie to see him. He show her Josh’s body. He said just one more that but he soiled it first. He ask if she still with them ?

At Norway, a man comes to meet one of Rabbi in house. After he see that young man and his goat wander outside, he is so upset why he doesn’t look at them all time.

At station, from camera. Cohen and Peter see their target running in the night. Then the camera lost hims somewhere in city.

His target while hidden in city, he’s panic because now all TV show his picture. He wants to done his task, but when he call to ask they tell him to wait.

At facility, Pasteur is talking to Joshua about his task. Seem he is perfectly understand his fate. Debbies is asked to get all Josh’s stuff and send to Pasteur, when she is in his room. She see no one and found the car keys.

She decided to grab one of them and run to outside, before she left she meet Joshua. He made her change her mind.

At norway, they are moving out of the house. But the old caretaker is killed. Before they reach their destination, they found empty car blocked on the road. The driver goes to check it.

He then realize something, he rush back to his car. But it’s too late he see the man in white dress at his back.

At office after Cohen drop Peter at his office, he rush to see Lynn. He ask her to buy time, he will find the clue. He rush out, Cohen has his eye on him. He try to run on him, he can escape.

Peter wander in city, he meet a huge crowd of nun. He goes through them with uncomfortable feeling.

He goes back to the tunnel again, he stop at the tunnel where is a wall. He notices that Cohan is following him. He meet him and tell him that he didn’t kill her, Cohen arrest him

The driver is shot, he thinks they can’t go to the airfield. He tell a boy that he’s hit at liver.

At facility, Joshua is in the church with other. One of them bring the lamb inside, Pasteur give him a knife and tell him to kill it. Finally he does it.

Driver ask a boy to drive the car instead, while the while man knows where they are heading too. He goes to pier.

On the way, Peter try to convince Cohen that he didn’t kill her. He tell him about how they met and how they leave. He thinks probably she was there to give him the stone, Cohen suddenly interest and ask him about it.

Peter ask him why he’s interest. He said because it’s about breastplate that found in their target. He received the call that they found their target on CCTV.

Driver and a boy arrived at the pier, driver said that a boat is name enigma. He tell a boy to get on boat to Croatia, he gave him the envelope. He said someone will pick him up there.

A while man comes but too late, the ship is take out.

Peter and Cohen rush to station, they found that he’s nearby. He ask Cohen to call his phone, then he rush out. He run to direction that they see him. Finally Peter is catch up with him.

He notices and start to run off, Peter chasing him. He run to underground, there is no camera. Peter lost inside, but finally he see him nearby.

He chasing him out of the street, he found that now he’s at Peter’s office. He thinks he’s there.

Inside Peter’s office, there is gala dinner among VIP. One of the VIP, leave the diner and goes down to her room. She found Peter’s target inside, he give her the stone. Now she has 11 stones now, she said it will be the most difficult.