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Olympus Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

… wake up and found that his leg are trap in the lock. When he looks around he see a lot of feet near by. He found that he’s not alone, cyclops is fixing his blade near by.

He tell it that he comes to help him, he tell it that he is sent by Gaia its mother. Seem it can’t hear him, now it’s going to cut his feet.

He get chance and grab it’s blade, and cut its finger. And he use it to destroy the lock, he is running off. Cyclops is following him, he run inside the cave.

He found the cave in the big snake mouth, he thinks there is someone inside. He tell that he’s looking for Oracle of Gaia, 3 women appear they ask why.

He tell them that he comes to rescue her, 3 of them said they are oracle.

While at the Athen, King Minos is on the siege. Athenians are discussing about it, they wants to break through it. One of them suggest the trojan but the leader is upset and do not want such a coward strategy.

The leader wants his wife to use her magic, but she said that her son is not ready all he see is eagle. She agree to help him again, she try it again.

But before he could give her important information, he’s fall asleep as last time. She is very upset, but he still can’t see through more.

A man decided to take them all, while they run Cyclops is following them. While they hide, he face it. He lure it to the cliff.

Both of them fell off the cliff, but he tie his leg to the rock. Cyclops fell down to the dark. He climb up the cliff, after they are safe.

One of woman tell him she is not oracle, she wants to go back to her family. He insist to take her back so the priest can confirm, she doesn’t agree and start to run. He run after her.

At Athens, they still storm the city. The leader takes his few men sneak on the wall, but without carefully he’s get shot by arrow.

A man finally get a woman he thinks is an oracle. She tell him that once he get her there the priest will kill him to cover that she run away.

She try to trick him to let her go, but he won’t failed on. She found that he’s not mercenary, when she is try to look deeper. She found that his name is cursed, he tell her that if she said his name she will turned to stone.

Suddenly 2 men are appear at front of them, they wants to get her. He warn them but it’s not work. He let her go, and face them.

One of them grab her and run, he finally barely kill other one. He following their footage but he lost them.

King’s wife is so upset and goes to see him, she is going to help him. While the priest try to get chance to kill the king, but Queen notices it and get him out.

A woman fix the injury for the a man who grab her, she thanks him to safe her. He wants to take her to city, but she insist that she need to goes alone.

While she’s walking she see the vision, she is panic. Then she notices something is coming at her, she turn back to run away. She is captured by mercenary again.

At Athen, King’s brother try to trick one of general that he’s the one who get king injured. He tell this to the queen, they have an affair for a while.

While an oracle and mercenary approach the city, she try to trick him but she failed.

King after wakeup he goes to see his general, queen after heard that goes after him. She found him upset and start to collapse, she stop the general before they meet him.

When they approach the canyon, he wants her to run she said she can’t. They argue for a while, he tell her to make noise like this is not safe. She ask not safe from what, then mercenary is fall down. She is panic and run to hide.

Her brother is come up and said he kill him with poison, she is upset. She try to help him, she slap until he awake. With help from her and her brother he’s back on his feet.

Mercenary wakes up again and found that he’s tied. He untied himself and go after their trace again, but he lost them.

An oracle wants her brother to send her after wood and goes home, but then they see mercenary at front.

He get both of them tied, they now walk to the canyon.

Queen show the arrow she get off the king to the general, he said that it’s come from Minoan. She ask is he sure ? She found that arrow is not come from Minoan, she thinks someone here try to make the situation.

She thinks it’s King’s brother, she think he will plan to get his enemy kill the king so he can get this chance kill his enemy and be a king. She said that it might be his new bodyguard, he will do it by his command.

She trick him to attack her, then she kill him. Today when king try to get up to the meeting room, queen trick him with some drink and ask him to rest.

She goes to the meeting room instead, give them some drink. She tell them to toast, because she just get rid the King’s assassin.

She tell them that fortunately the assassin confess his master before die, she tell them that she poison him. Not long the general dion is fell down, she said that his bodyguard is the assassin.

She said king will choose his son to lead the army, all of them respect her story except King’s brother. That finally accepted.

Mercenary bring an oracle to the temple, priest tell him to tie her at the mouth. Then he start to ask her to give him vision, he said the priest tell him she must be on the mouth of gaia to get vision.

He ask her the question where is he come from, she see in vision that he’s son of king of athens Aegeus. She said he has lexicons inside him, it leads the way to olympus.

Priest become interested in him, priest try to get them there with his men. They are fighting hard, they capture her brother and ask him to submit.

He submit, but Priest still kill her brother.