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Dig Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

In oppland, Norway. Head of Rabbi lead his men to the barn. After they check a lamb, he said now prophecy is begin. One of Rabbi give … a gun before they left.

2 months later in Jerusalem, Isarael. After Peter separate from his lover, he found his target on TV.

In morning, he goes to grab him. But before he can goes, the police comes and interrupt him. His target is alert and start to run.

Peter chase him until he meet a red hair woman, he stunned. After blink she is gone, he’s back to himself again and chase his target. His target is captured by the police, he try to look on her, but she ‘s long gone.

At new mexico, usa. While Josh’s caretaker talk about his condition, he is doing his drawing. One of them decided to tell him the truth, he goes to see him and tell him that his parent is dead and won’t come.

Once Peter back to his office, his boss complain him about fighting with police. And his boss wants his target back to US.

Peter goes to pub to have some drink, he notice a red hair woman outside the pub. He following her until the temple, people is making some ceremony.  Again he lost her, he start to dizzy and try to get out the temple.

Once he get out while he rest, the red hair woman ask him that he’s ok ?, they start to talk, and he following her.

At facility, one of caretaker goes to see Josh. He still keep telling her that he heard another child in the room, she tell him there is no other child. He wants her to take him to spot where he can see the sky.

After Peter and she walk a while, they stop. She introduce herself as Emma wilson. She tell him that she working on dig for university. She is working in dig tunnel under Jerusalem, she takes him there and show him.

He’s following her to the dig site, until place she called Mikveh. She takes off her cloth and goes in it. She tell him they believe it purify them. After she jump in, she asked him to follow.

Before anything goes on, she heard someone is down here. They left it. She said nobody suppose to be here at this time.

They see the Rabbi and lamb, he takes it and gather with other Rabbi. They found they are doing a spell after sacrifice the lamb.

At station, Peter’s target is question by Police. He ask him such a guy like him kill someone and leave his country to here.

He ask him that is it something to do with antique item that stolen from museum here. He just said that they are very small man.

Peter and Emma are depart, before she left she sneaky put something in his pocket. In morning when he arrived at his office, he meet the police. He tell them about body they found in city.

He show them the picture get from camera, before she died she ‘s with a man. Peter goes to look, he found that the victim is red hair woman he met last night.

And a man in picture is him, he’s panic. After he’s look at the file, the red girl was beaten badly to dead.

At facility night, Josh wake up and sneak out. He wants to go back to that spot again. He climb up the wall and get out the facillty.

When Peter try to confess to Lynn his boss that he met the victim. She thinks that he still in the bad emotion because of the lost.

He following the police to victim’s apartment. They looking for a clue, Police said that he knows who’s her sponsor. Peter found her note hidden near the book, he takes it.

They goes to visit her workplace again, they found her sponsor. He seems doesn’t remember him, Peter ask him about Mikveh. He said that he has no right to dig near there.

Peter make execuse to the police and goes back to dig site, he sneak to the place where they met. But he found that that place is surround by the wall.

At facility, while Paster doing call with Rabbi. His asssitance tell him that Josh is missing.He is upset and ask everyone to goes out and find him back.

When Peter back at hotel, he found that Lynn is waiting for him. She is upset because he lied to police and her.He beg her to let him work on this case.

At night he is ordered to send his target back to US, during the way they are blocked by accident car.

The police takes the item he get from Peter’s target and show to his uncle. He is the Rabbi that Paster talking with. He tell him that 12 stones are missing, police surprise that his uncle knows about it.

He tell him this is a breastplate that priest used to talk to god. After he left, he called Peter and want him to give him to question more. Peter said it’s too late, he start to heard the Target whispering.

Then their car is hit by accident, they turn over and over…

After everyone left to find a boy, One of caretaker is very sad and goes to Josh’s room. Then she heard a boy giggling. Apparent it comes from airduct under his bed.

She sneak inside other part of building, then she meet Josh in one room. But it’s Joshua that she meet.

Josh is wandering on the road, then he heard the car coming. He’s cornered by cars, a woman comes from car. She shot him dead.

Peter wake up and see someone takes his target out of the car.  He make a short cut try to cut off their car. He shot at the car until it stop. But he see no one.

He notices that the car is stop at victim’s apartment. He goes up to check, someone trash her room. Someone is in her room, gun at him. When he turn he found it’s his target.

He ask him to empty pocket, he found something that red hair girl put at him. It’s one of the gem.

Peter thought that he’s going to kill him, but he just left. At station, from the picture of camera. They found that the man with victim is Peter.

They comes to get him at his hotel, he hide the victim ‘s note. And wait…