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12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 11 Shonin

Year 1987, Ramse appear in Tokyo he got a lot of pain. Few minutes later, Cole following him there. But he miss him, he left and Cole is following him.

At a club, Mr Goines tell the Japanese after see the picture of body. He needs to see it. The Japanese bring the box of body to show him, Japaneses tell him it’s old 1000 years from Himalayas.

Cole found them, after Mr. Goines are alone. He attack him, he ask him about virus, monkeys. Goines is very surprise after Cole tell him that there is virus in the body, Cole ask him to help to destroy it.

But Ramse comes to stop him, they have a big fight. Before Cole can kill him, the Japanese stop them. They catch both of them, Goines ask them that they are now with them.

They said no, they give them the knife. They start to fight again, Ramse get it and stab on Cole. Goines now change his mind and wants to buy that body.

They are moving the body, and going to kill Cole. Ramse is taken to US Ambasssy, they ask him about social security. He said he has not.

In 1988, Ramse still in prison. He is beaten by Prisoner many many times. One night he get an email from Olivia, in it. It tell him that she know everything about him, she want him to join them to stop them from change future. Better than is beaten by the other.

In 1990, Olivia still send him some book, letter. Ramse’s body start to decay.

In 1992, Ramse start to understand what the other prisoner said, today he change. He tell the other prisoner to fight that one.

In 1995, the guard give him the new cloth, passport. They send him to Virgina, there he meet Olivia and pale man.

There she show him something, she take the amulet from his neck (from Jennifer) and from pale man. She put them together, they start to spark and explode. Its effect start to change the tree to red.

In 2011, Ramse tell them about Markridge company. He asked her to invest in its company.

In 2013, a pale man break in the Makridge’s lab and kill everyone except Jennifer.

In 2014, Olivia tell him that a man is killed by Cole. She ask him that they should start, he said not yet. He wants to be sure that the loop still done, Cole must see Jennifer first.

Goines goes to see Jennifer at the mental facility, she thought he comes to get her out. But he doesn’t.

After he back to night lab, he ask to move it to more secure.

In 2015, when Goines cache Cole in his lab and after that he’s killed by Cole. A pale man report it to Ramse, he abduct her from mental facility. But after that the body is destroyed by Cole, pale man is shot by Cole.

He is very upset at Olivia, he thinks she hide something from him. She just said that the cycle must be exactly the same. After they lost virus at Cherchen, and when Peter re-created the virus. And when Olivia meet Aaron to ask him to protect Cassy.

Olivia ask Ramse about Cole, he said he killed him in 1987. So now they are going to release the plague.

Cassy meet Aaron drunk, he tell her none of these are matter. But they can prepared, he show her the shelter. She said there is still hope, he said is it Cole ?

She asked him to stay with Royce, so he can do something. Aaron is upset but he does go to see Royce. He asked him about project that can safe them, he tell him it’s on the plan nothing done.

He meet Olivier when she’s going to see Royce

In 2015, Jennifer is taken to their base. Olivia get chance to get close to her.

In 2043, while Jones found that Cole is dying. She tell them to shift him to 2015, they tell her with that power they will lost him forever. Jones has no choice anymore, when Cole is going to killed. He is sent to 2015 before he get shot.

Whitley comes to see Jones, he wants to leave. Now they have no more power, he is very upset because he did many thing for her.

He left her with his men, some of them are leaving too. Now she is alone.

In 2015 Cassy comes back and found that he’s dying. He tell her that now he knows why they always ahead of them, he knows who is the witness.