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American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 8 Rubber Man

6 months ago, before Ben and Vivian moved in. Charles’s wife is so confuse about stuff doesn’t belong to her. She said she wants her baby, a man suddenly rush down and grab the rubber suit from dump.

He’s rubber suit, goes to see Vivian and make love with her. After he finish he just walk pass Ben. In bathroom when he get the mask out, he’s Tate.

Vivian try explained what she saw Charles’s wife to Marcy. But seem they think she’s crazy.

Chad get the advice from his friend, she ask him to fight back after he found Pat start to cheat on him. He goes to sex shop. Seller suggest him the rubber suit.

But when he approach him with rubber suit, it’s not work. They start to fight, finally he left. He start to cry.

Charles’s wife is cry too, Hayden comes to stop her. She tell her that she stuck here too. She convince her to get baby from Vivian. She already has a daughter while they have none.

At night Hayden start to attack Vivien, she retreat to the bathroom. She found the rubber mask.

Pat comes and found rubber man kill Chad, while he fight him back. But he is get killed and thrown to basement. Charles’s wife found him dead, she ask who is rubber man. Tate take out his mask, tell her that new family will come she may get what she wants.

Ben found Violet try to talk with someone, when he ask her she said no. Violet tell him that he drive her mother insane.

Vivien talk to Moira, she tell her that the house is possess. She’s not crazy, she takes Violet out of the house. But in car they see couple dead at the back seat.

They run back to the house, when she tell Ben. He thinks that she has some stress and she is delusion.

Ben tell her she has no rights to take his child, he think she is delusion. She think he is too, she think he try to get rid her. So Hayden can replace her. When Ben ask Violet about what’s happen. She lied that she see nothing.

Vivien ask Marcy to see her, she tell her that she is leaving. She fake that she sick and need some water, when she left. She take her gun.

At night, Vivien checked her room. She sure that it’s safe then she goes to bed. But then she think she saw someone, Rubber man attack her from behind.

She scream out loud, hit the panic button and grab her gun. But when Ben heard her scream he get in, she shot him.

The polices and ambulance comes, while security guard come to see her. Ben doesn’t allow, he tell them Ben is not in house anymore and having affair. Ben is upset and get him out.

While Vivien is on drug, she see Hayden comes. She tell her that she can have him, but she say no. She said she wants her baby, and she tell her the baby father is here too.

She see the rubber man, he attack her and try to rape her. When she wake up again, she see Ben and security guard. He tell him that she is going to sent to hospital.