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American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 7 Open House

One night a man tell Constance that he would do anything for her, she wants him to

In 1994, a man goes to find her dog on attic. There is a scarcely boy chained, he is going to kill her.

Ben and Vivian goes to listen their baby result, doctor tell her that she has twins. Today at house, salesman bring the buyer to look around at house.

He meet Vivian and young Moira in the kitchen, before they ask him to see other part in house. He suddenly ask them what’s wrong with this house, Vivian tell him that this house history has the murdered. He said he will be in touch and leave.

Salesman is upset because Vivian try to break her sale, she said she just tried to honest. They found Larry in house, Marcy doesn’t like what she see. She ask him to get out, but he finally force her to show him the house.

Tate tell Vivian to promise him that she will not cut herself. She tell him that she is going to have dinner with family tonight. They argue about how to sell this house, Vivian wants to disclose to buyer, but Ben doesn’t want to blow up the sell.

Next day the other buyer come, he meet Moira. She seduce him in Violet’s room. When they finish they meet Ben outside, after they introduce he tell Ben that he’s going to put this down and built the unit.

Ben goes to visit Larry at house, he tell him that he wants that house so he can be happy with her.

In 1994 Larry confess to his wife that he is in love with Constance. After that he found that his wife burn herself with his daughter.

Marcy and Vivian is on bus tour, guide tour stop at her hose “Murder house”. He explained more about house, it built by doctor Charles. Everything is fine until they found their child dissect. His wife is so sad.

Charles tell her that her child still fine, after she goes to look. She asked him how he did, he tell her that he use the heart of their daughter. She trick him and shot him and herself.

Vivian goes back to see Doctor again, she wants to have another test. She feel sick every time she get out the house.

Constance has appointment with Larry in Vivian’s house,he tell him that they are going to see this house. And new owner will tear it down. Violet found the attic, she goes to visit it. she meet scarcely boy up there. Tate come and chase her away.

He show her several hidden thing, she found some old pictures family.

Constance goes to see new buyer at his house, he offer her how much to sell her house. She try to scare him not to tear down the house, he refused.

Ben just finish session with Tate, he ask him to help Violet if she is in trouble. Constance goes to look for Tate. He tell her that his problem is he hate his mother.

She goes to attic to see scarely boy, she said how much she loved him.  She goes to see Moira and tell her about plan to tear down the house, they agree to help each other.

At night she call the new buyer to see her, she bring him at basement. Larry, Constance and Moira planned and kill him.

At night Vivian goes to talk to Violet about plan to sell house, she shows her the old pictures. She remember that she see the Wife of Charles.