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12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 9 Tomorrow

In 2017, Cole try to ask around how virus get out. He see Cassie on TV, she ask help to Baltimore.

In 2043, Jones try to convince her staff that Foster is lie. There is no cure, he just give them the fake hope. She want them to get the core.

Ramsy goes to Spear head to see Elena, he try to convince her to help him. But she doesn’t believe, she still believe in Foster.

In 2041, while Ramsy and Cole wander around. Cole say now they have nothing, they plan to having good life. Suddenly they heard the gun shot, they found 6 people are camping. They want to attack them…

They are captured by them to Jones’ base. They are tortured by Whitely how they found them. Later he meet Jones.

In 2017, Cole is captured from the border after one of solider see his mark. They wants him in US ASAP. He is going at the CDC and meet Cassie.

In 2043, Whitly tried to convince his father to help him, while Foster found Ramsy is looking for the core with Elena. He captured him in the cell, after he left Elena help him out.

Jones goes to meet Foster again, she’s going to give him a last chance. After they talk and he’s careless, she shot him dead. Whiltly’s father also turn, he help them get in to get core. They are killing all guard there, but they are ambush one of scientist and Whitely’s father is died.

In 2041, after Jones give him listen the recording with his name inside. He still doesn’t know what she wants. She shows him the machine, she wants him to help to reset the time…

In 2017, Cassie tell him that she knows that there is no cure, but she has to try. She tell him that she will going to see him before this time. After while she collapse, Cole try to get some help..

Cassie wake up, she give him the address paper. She said it will help his life so keep it all the time. She died.

In 2043, finally Jones get the core.  But she found a pile of body sacrifice for this. She take the core back, she also found that Foster really can get the cure. She destroy the evidence.

Jones beam Cole back. She is very happy to see him.

In 2041, Cole break out. Ramsy tell him may be he should listen to her. He convince him to try.

In 2043, after Ramsy tell Cole what Jones’s done. He side with her, Cole doesn’t want him to hurt Jones. Now he ask him to stop, he won’t. They fight.