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American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 6 Piggy Piggy

In 1994 Polices at knock at Constance ask her about Tate, they get in and try to find him.

At library, few teenagers are study in room. They suddenly heard the gun shot, one guy come in and block door. He said the guy in skull mask start to shooting at school.

They heard someone is banging at door, finally he get in. They all tried to hide along the shelf and table. He start to kill one by one. The last one see Tate’s face, ask him why he do this.

After Tate thinks about that event, Polices come in and take him away.

Violet is looking for more info about Tate, she found that he’s dead. She rush back to see her mother, instead she meet Constance. She ask if she hurt her mother, she said no. She tell her that probably this house that drove Tate here, Violet still refuse to believe about it.

Constance introduce Violet to Billie, she is a medium. She explained her that once she choose she has to try to understand otherwise she will crazy.

Constance tell her that why she setup Tate to Ben, hope he will get him cross over. Vivian just has a nightmare, after she wake up she press the panic button.

Security come to check all house seem ok, Ben comes to house too. Security tell them that Hayden is missing, they should alert. He tell her to use house as office. He has no money to rent, she is upset and really don’t want him here.

Violet is in bathroom, she try to cut herself. She thinks she heard Tate behind, but when she look no one there.

Ben meet his client, he tell him about urban legends. He said it terrify him and make him can’t move on. He tell him about piggy man, he is butcher. He is killed by the pig and hog. He tell Ben that he thinks he feel something inside him.

Vivian try to call her nurse, but seem she left. Constance come with fresh pork. She make her a bit throw up, Constance ask Moira to cook for her. Moira suggest Vivian that she should eat it raw.

Ben is with his client to his house, he wants him to look in mirror. He wants to cure him, he left him inside the bathroom alone and dark to look in mirror alone.

After he said word on mirror, then he found someone in the bath tub. Ben come in, but nothing is there.

Ben goes to support Vivian at the hospital, Violet speaking with her friend they talk about how weird and she suggest her pill that help her sleep.

Violet goes to see the crime scene, she see the teacher from that event. She try to ask him about Tate, but he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Vivian tell Moira that they have no money to hire her, she said she will do it for free until new come.

She tell her that Constance drop her something again, she wants her to eat it raw. It’s a brain, she start to eating it.

At night after Violet back home, she notice someone is in the house. She through it’s Tate, she following it in basement. She see ghosts, they try to get help from her.

Violet goes back to her room, she see Tate write something left for her. She decided to takes all pills she got. She is pass out.

Tate drag her to bathroom, try to awake her. Violet is back now she starting to cry. Ben is with his patient, he thinking about what he saw the other day. He saw Vivian and Security guard talk together happy.

Ben convince him to face his problem, and overcome it.

Vivian goes to church, she goes to see her nurse. She tell her that she see something bad in her womb. Vivian is upset and leave.

Ben’s patient is in his bathroom, he said the words on mirror several times. Then suddenly the robber shoot him dead, they suppose to be here not for murder.

Constance wants Billie to help her talk to Addie, she tell her that she should talk to her now. She tell her that Addie thanks to her that she didn’t let her on yard. She is scare of  Tate.

Constance remember that day that Police come, Tate try to shoot back. So he’s shot to dead.

Tate is talked to Violet, he said he will leave her alone because he feel that she send some cold feeling to him. She call him to sleep next to her.