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12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 8 Yesterday

In 2048, Cole is missing. Jones and Ramsy wonder where is he, and plauge from 12 Monkeys group still exist. While they try to beam him back, their machine is not OK. They have to abort the sequence.

In 2015, Cassy is very sorry to not to tell Cole about his fate. Cassie ask … that what’s if Cole’s body still there and plague still continue ?

… said he will find someone and ask about that situation. Cassy is worry about Cole.

Back in 2048, Jones said that machine can’t fixed until they get the part. She ask Whitmore and Ramsy to take this special part. They have to go to Spearhead, but seem there is a chaos there.

It is the safe house that contain all top people, and wait virus gone. But finally virus get there, one of them start rebel and kill the other. She left with them, there is 2 parts exist she take one that the other is there.

Ramsy thinks they may success to find the cure, Jones said the virus mutate twice before she leave.

Cole is wake up and not dead, he’s injured. Then he heard the Russian people talking nearby.

Cassy and Aaron goes to Senator Royce. He tell them that they removed the other body but not Cole. Cassie ask him to send her there.

In 2048, they go to Spear head. They go to see colonel Foster. They also found that they still working on virus cure.

They try to negotiate with him, but he won’t. Ramse meet Elena in the lab, they used to be a lover. She tell him he leave because she afraid West 7 is go after their child.

Cole found Aza and her father, he try to get her help. He hear that she start to sick, while her father goes out to find more help…

At lab, Jones decided to remove safety and run without it. Even it risk to destroy the core. She want to get him back as priority.

She try to get him back, but it failed. The Core is explode, they have 48 hours to get him back before he trap in time forever.

Jones comes to see Foster at Spear head, they have some tension but still have dinner together.

She tell him that now she wants all his core, he still refuse her. He thinks she try to chasing ghost, and she think he just give the fake hope. But after she give him his marriage picture, he almost changed his mind.

Then he refused her again, she wants her to help in project so they can find the cure. He try to taunt her but she is aware and leave him.

Cassie is now at Chencha, she found the Russian army is there. She can’t get inside, she try to get closely. She bribe the guards to get in.

Jones tell Ramsy that Foster’s story is a lie. But some of them want to believe Foster’s lie. She wants take his core with any method.

Cassie found that nobody there, she though that Cole is erased.

Cole found out that he is at 2017, the plague already spread.