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American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 5 Halloween (Part 2)

Larry is at front of her house, he try to get in. Violet call her father to tell him about him. He said he will back home ASAP. There is someone in her house, but she miss it.

The knock is gone, she goes back to her room. Then she heard something at window, it’s Tate. She goes to see him at basement.

Ben and Vivian goes back home, they found Violet is gone. Ben heard the knock at door, he see Hayden. He close the door and goes to get the knife.

Vivian  call Violet, she’s with Tate. She tell her that she safe. Vivian ask him to move out tomorrow, he said he will not give up of his family.

He goes back to search for Hayden, but instead he meet Larry He beat him badly, he think that Larry and Hayden plan to trick him. Larry tell him that she is a ghost, but he doesn’t believe.

At beach, Tate refused to make love with Violet. She’s upset, he tell her about his past. Then they meet several teenagers, they covered with blood. They try to taunt them, finally Tate take her left.

Vivian  is going to takes a bath, she received call from Hayden. She talk with her for a while, she upset. Hayden tell her to ask him about Boston.

She is freak out after see Hayden write the word “Ask him” on mirror, she goes down to tell Ben. She wants to call police, but Ben don’t want to because it will make difficult to sell the house.

He is looking for her at basement, he found her at basement. He thinks she try to extort him, she starting to upset at him. While she shout at him why he try to dispose her, Larry knock him down from the back.

Hayden tell him she will deal with him later, now she needs to take care Vivian first. Vivian see Olivier outside the house, he is crushing their pumpkin.

She goes out to ask him why, he’s upset and tell her that they ruin Halloween. She said she will call her security, he tell her that nobody can help her now.

She run to the house, while Olivier shout at her to get out of his house. Hayden is in the bath tub, she is waiting Vivian.

Vivian found that her bathroom is catch fire. She try to off it. Violet and Tate back at home, she ask him why he doesn’t remember them.

Vivian call Hayden and ask where is she, she is in the kitchen with her dog. Vivian get golf club and following there. She found her dog is explode in microwave.

Violet goes out to see Teenagers group, she try to get them out. They tell her that Tate didn’t tell her what he done to them.

Tate come out and lure them out of house, they running after him. Violet call police and ask them to help him, Constance is come out and take her to her house. She said Eddy is died because of her.

Vivian found Hayden in her bedroom, and her dog still alive. Hayden wants to talk about Boston, she just notice that Vivian is pregnant too.

Larry found Olivier  when he try to burn the house, he ask what’s he try to do to his house. At basement Ben found a woman try to untie him, but once he wake up she is gone. She ask him to save the baby.

Hayden get the piece of mirror in her hand and walking to Vivian, she said she is going to cut her baby out now. So it will not has to hurt by Ben, she grab her. Ben comes now, she tell her to ask him about Boston.

He tell her that he didn’t go to Boston for patient, but he went there for Hayden. He tell her also that for months he go to see her and make her pregnant.

Security guard also come, he takes her away.

At Constance’s house, she tell her about Eddy’s body. She thanks her for encourage Eddy. She tell her that Tate is her son. But she doesn’t want her to tell him.

Tate run to the beach, but they cache up him. They said he killed them, but seem he doesn’t remember them. They said sun almost come out, they have to leave.

Security takes her to the station, he’s talking with her in the car. But once stop, he can’t find her anymore.

Ben is leaving as Vivian ask.