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12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 7 The Keys

In 2015, at CIA. Peter is explaining the board about operation troy. It the virus that Goins promise that he can control. He said it virus that depend on geographic one it’s dead it will not make any effect to anyone else.

They wants Lextor to dead, otherwise their career will end. Cole found Cassie is distract, he asked her about Aaron and operation troy. seem nothing new yet, but the picture Cole get from other warehouse.

She found it link to Dr. Edward, they go to visit him. They ask him about the picture. He tell them that it’s come from small cult Druze in Chechnya. The piece is a for crush the herb for drink.

She suddenly ask him about army of 12 monkeys, he’s surprise and change topic. Cassie tell Cole that he knows something, Cole goes to ask him.

Seem that pale man already scare him, he won’t talk much. Aaron come back and Cassie tell him about Chechnya, he think it’s related to Waxler. He’s hiding at Chechnya.

After Cole goes back, Cassie also back to work at CDC she wants to dig more info. Aaron ask what if they are captured. She said if the operation done, they will die all.

Aaron sneak out the thumb drive from Senator. He print the documents and left. While Cassie is at work, he call from Chechnya. He said he has virus and someone is after him.

He tell her operation troy is start now, 2 hour earlier Cole is at Chechnya to interrupt the virus case. He see them carrier the case, he following them.

They found the carrier leave the the forest, Cole following him to forest. but 12 monkeys sniper shot him down. Cole sneak the case and run.

Cole tell her that he’s here because one week later, they give him the details. He wants to know how to destroy it.

The sniper following him closely, he manage to trap and kill him. Cassie and Aaron is on the way to CIA, Cole doesn’t want they to tell anyone.

He ask her how to destroy virus except bleach, he can’t find it. Before he can end the conversation, he is captured by armed men.

At CIA, Cassie and Aaron tell them that their operation is compromise. Cole is taken to see Waxler, he tell him that CIA send virus to kill him so don’t open case.

He doesn’t believe him, they open case. The virus is now spread, at CIA they found what they said is true. She tell them that she can help them to check what’s wrong at Chechnya.

Waxler’s men start to died, they wants to betray them by tell their army about Waxler. They come in tell them that they will trade them form cure, Cole tell them there is no cure. They start to kill each other, now only Cole is left.

At CIA they found that Russian copter is going there, Cole call Cassie that CIA must destroy that place before they come.

Waxler tell him about 12 monkeys, Cole tell Cassie that if she meet him again don’t stop him. Now the missile is on the way, it burn all place.

CIA finally let Cassie and Aaron left, Aaron is destroy all evidences about Cole. Week later, Cole come to see them. Aaron tell him everything he need, Cassie is so sorry. She try to talked to him ask him about his past.

Finally Cassie didn’t tell him anything. Cole is gone.