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Witches of East End Season 1 Episode 10 Oh, What a World!

Wendy infiltrated to the underground passage, she see the argentum is leaking. She back to tell Joanna and Victor. It’s the thing that can kill Joanna.

At night Penelope make the crow from spell, they go out. In morning Joanna accidentally rip Freya’s vail, and there is huge raining outside.

Wendy think it’s a bad omen, then they see the crow hit the house. She said that shafeshitter send spell to weaken them.

Ingrid goes to see Mike’s room. she found a huge wall note. Mike show up ask her to return thing she taken. He seem obsesses to open the portal, she force him down and leave.

Freya ask Victor to walk her to Aisle, they talk about Dash and Killan. Freya is so sure that Dash is her soulmate.

Joanna give the present from Killian to Freya, once she get it seem she stun. Dash trick Freya to see him at the bar, he give her the necklace.

Ingrid ask Victor about Asgard, she ask why they leave. He said there is war after the door, and powerful enemy. He tell her that nobody wants to leave.

Ingrid, Joanna and Wendy go to help Freya on dress. They get another omen, Freya bracelet is broken.

Victor show Freya old her stuff, he told her about her past. He tell her about Henry he is musician. He tell her that Killian is her Henry.

Joanna tell Wendy about Penelope, she think she is shafeshifter. She and Wendy goes to see the underground passage. Suddenly Wendy attack her, she is shafeshifter. She knock her down.

Joanna found herself tie on the table, she ask her why. Penelope said she is Athena Archibald daughter that she think she died. She finally found how to break her spell and following her.

Freya is very confuse after talk to Victor, he left her make her decision. She found the old vinyl from her old staff. It play same song as music box from Killian.

Penelope tell Joanna that both Dash and Killian are real child, soon later she will tell them. Now she put the sylinge on her.

Freya decided to goes to see Dash and say she doesn’t want to marry him anymore. Dash ask her that this is about Killian, he upset and want her out.

Mike comes to the wedding, he kidnap Ingrid from the wedding. After Penelope put argentum in Joanna, she said now she can be killed.

Wendy comes to help, she fight with Penelope. Joanna get herself out try to help, but she is weaken by the poison. Joanna and Wendy get chance to throw her to the furnace, Penelope died. After she died, it release memory from both her son. Freya also got her power back.

Mike take Ingrid to the argentum wall, he shot her while she try to raise hand. She push to the wall, when she touch the wall it start to shake.

Dash goes to see Killian, he has power and knock Killian away. He think that he kill him, he release his boat out in the sea.

Joanna and Wendy feel the vibration of portal, they rush to it. But it’s too late, she already open it. There is someone from other side coming, the light from the portal burn Mike to dust.

Freya comes too late, the boat with Killian already left.