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12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 6 The Red Forest

In year 2015, Cassie is abducted by the pale man. while Cole following them, he is sent back.

In year 2043, Cole found that his base is belong to West 7. West 7 crew found him, when he asked them about Jones. They take him to her.

But look like she doesn’t remember him at all, he start to see the vision. He thinks he is the wrong time. She try to prove him, she look in his blood. She found that he use her works.

She thinks something must change the future, so he come there. Look like she never heard about Railey, they found that because she is dead before she can send the message.

She said if he wants to use machine, he has to talk with their boss. Seem Ramsey is their boss, he convinced him that he’s Cole.

He tell Ramsey that he wants to use machine, but Ramsey said that if they start it. It will used all their power.  Whiteley is there he panic and try to stop him. He decided to shot Jones, Ramsey attacked him.

Jones is be able to send Cole back to 2015 before she died. Cole is back to Washington, he goes to see Aaron. He force him to takes them to Cassie.

He try to explained him that Cassie is in danger, they need to go to help her. Now she’s at Night room with him. Aaron doesn’t believe him, Cole wants him to help her.

Cole tell Aaron that Cassie somehow make an important role, or may be about operation troy. Aaron surprise that he knows about it. Cole tell him that it’s history.

He explained him that once pale man come out, he will shot him for distract. And try not get shot, he will get Cassie out.

Once the pale man out, Aaron hesitate. He made mistake by shot at Cole instead. They finally can escape them, fortunately Cole remember the plate number.

Aaron can track them, he call someone for flavor. Cassie is captured in the warehouse, she overheard pale man talked with woman about witness and how important she is.

They force her to drink something, they try to trick her. They tell her that witness wants to see her. Then they notices someone comes, they are men with pale man. One of them is shot by Aaron.

Cole know them down, Aaron tell him they need them alive. They try to ask where is Cassie. Aaron success to get him talk, now they going to get her.

They found her in warehouse, while they try to delusion Cassie. She get chance to escape, she found them on the way. Cole hit the pale man before they escape.

Cassie and Aaron escape, Cole is there to stop the guard. Then he starting to vanish again, Aaron now see with his eye Cole just disappear.

Once he back, he found Jones and the base still the way it should. He’s so happy. Cassie and Aaron are safe, Cassie still remember the mask man. She is afraid and doesn’t want to talk about it.

Aaron sorry for not believe her, he asked what they should do. Aaron think what they are looking is Operation troy.

In 2048, Cole has meeting with scientist. They decided to focus on Operation troy, because the virus still there even he burn everything in night room.

Cole asked Jones about effect of this operation, she told him it is killing him. He will died soon, they hope they have enough time to complete this mission.