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Witches of East End Season 1 Episode 8 Snake Eyes

Freya tell Ingrid about her card result, she quite sure that Killian is her destroyer. At Penelope’s house, she cast spell on flower and send to Freya.

Joannah show Wendy the snake key, she is upset because she lied to her. She asked her why she didn’t not destroy it. She said she keep it because it’s only connection to their home.

Mike comes to see Ingrid at library, he wants her help for his fiction book. Freya is upset on Killian, because she think he ruin it.

Wendy tried to convince Joannah to get rid the snake key, but she won’t. It tried to call Wendy, when she touch it. It grab her arm, she scream out.

Joannah tried to get it out, but she can’t. She is going to find the book to help, but it’s too late it already control Wendy.

Mike wants Ingrid to help her about myth of town, Barb convince him that she can make the spell. Ingrid tried hard to cover it.

Freya receive the flower, when she touch it she get the spike into her. When Dash’s mother come to pickup Killian, she is not so well. She offer to takes her home.

Joannah found the spell that can help Wendy, but she doesn’t want. She said she wants to go back to Asgard, Joannah tell her that their father banish them if they go back they will get killed.

Wendy wants to go back through the portal, Joannah has no choice but lock her in house. Wend gone berserk, she tried to find Joanna.

She finally get captured by her, when she tried to find her the solution. She try to break her spell, by trick her lost concentration.

Freya is pass out after Penelope give her tea, she is prepare her for something. Mike tell Ingrid that he beleive that witch is real.

Joanna is looking for Wendy, she attack her. Try to break her mind, Joanna can’t stand and knock her down.

Mike tell her that he thinks the witch come from Asgard, and he try to find the portal that connect this world and Asgard. He tried to prove that his father is not crazy. His father found the map to Asgard, Ingrid found something on it.

Joanna tried to get it of Wendy, but instead she failed and trap by Wendy. Wendy try to kill her, she trick her and get chance to destroy the key.

Penelope get something out of Freya, suddenly Dash come back home and see Freya is pass out, he rush to help her. He confess her that he can’t marry her anymore, but after he see her about to die then he change his mind.

Freya found that she lost her magic, she is really confuse. Wendy is back to herself she sorry to make her destroy only way to see her son.

Ingrid comes back, tell them that Mike is try to find the portal. They tell her that the portal is closed forever.

Freya comes back tell them that Dash is back everything is back to normal, but her power are gone. Now her power is at Penelope.