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12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 4 Atari

In 2015, Cole and Railey is looking for clue about Night room. They start to talk about Cole’s life.

In 2032, while Cole and Ramsey scout the area. They found a dog, but they didn’t eat it. Dog tell them that some one is coming to them.

In 2048, Cole is back, Ramsey tell him they just killed 2 scouts from West 7. They warn them about West 7, but Whitely doesn’t believe them. Anyway they send them up to keep an eye.

In 2032, they meet West 7 men. They can manage to kill 2 of them, but more come. Deacon invite them to West 7.

In 2048, West 7 storm their gate and they are fighting. Cole thinks that it just diversion. Cole ask Whiltely about hidden tunnel, he said that impossible that West 7 will know. but West 7 get in from that tunnel, Deacon and his men are in.

They think they will go after the power, Cole and Jones go to secure the machine. While Ramsey goes to power source, but he is trapped.

Jones tell him that she will send him back with Railey, better than he died here for nothing. Deacon barge in at same time that Cole is leaving.

He is sent to Monday, and he meet Max and West 7. He’s captured, Deacon try to ask him how to get inside. He torture him and put something in his wound.

He try to ask Max to help him, but he suddenly get the vision. He is freak out, he tell Max the other entrance. Deacon is tricked him now they know how to.

Cole wake out and found that Deacon is going, the guard try to torture him but Max come and help him.

They go back to help Ramsey, they go back time before they storming. Cole ask Max to save Jones. He goes to see Ramsey and help him alive.

Once Deacon move in, they found Jones. Max kill his men, now they pull back and make Deacon leave.

In 2032, Deacon ask Max to show Cole around their camp, he doesn’t like Ramsey much.

in 2035, Ramsey tried to convince Cole to leave West 7. Ramsey tried to stop Daecon from killing the weak. While Cole is hesitate, he get stabbed by the victim. Finally he shot him down.

Ramsey is so disappoint on Cole, Max tell Cole about how she join the West 7. While they make out, Deacon come in. He wants him to get Ramsey out by kill him.

Cole goes to Ramsey’s tent, he knows that he comes to kill him. He give him his knife, Ramsey said Deacon is not the same as them, he killed for fun.

He changed his mind, so they must leave now. Max found both of them gone.

After the storming, Deacon is gone far. They accept Max too, because they owe her. Cole goes back to Railey, he starting to tell her the truth.

Railey sudden tell Cole that she found the night room.