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Witches of East End Season 1 Episode 7 Unburied

Ingrid is tortured Wendy with her magic, why ? Freya wake up after she has a sexy dream with Killian. Dash ask her about it , but she tell him that she doesn’t remember.

Freya confess to Ingrid that she kissed Killian. She afraid that she will sleep talk to him. Ingrid tried to escape Wendy again, Wendy tell Freya that her and her mother get rid the poison wall already.

At library, Ingrid is very upset about a man who try to make her find the book. Freya make a haircut for Killian, he suddenly talk the sentence that he talk to her in dream. She almost make out with him, but Amy is come to interrupt. After they left, she use his hair to make the dream potion.

The shafeshifter goes to Ingrid’s grave, she revive dead Ingrid. She turn out to be Dash’s mother. She wants her to get the key back from Wendy then she can kill her.

Wendy goes back to see Leo, she confess that she like him and sorry for what she did. The dead Ingrid is nearby.

Now there is event at library, George try to get Ingrid out. But she refused, he try to attack her. A man Mike who pick fight with her come to help. Dash invite Freya to has vacation at London, and she said yes.

She confront Killan and asked him not to tell anyone, unfortunately Dash is near by. Dead Ingrid trick Wendy out and capture her and torture her.

Leo come to see Wendy and tell her that she left because she said her sister has problem. Joannah use spell to find her.

Dash goes to punch Killian and leave Freya. She try to apologize him but he won’t listen. Joannah found Ingrid and Wendy but it’s too late Ingrid already kill Wendy.

While she turn back, Ingrid tried to attack her. But she stop her, she reverse the spell. She turn to dust.

Joannah tell Ingrid that Wendy is attack by old enemy. nothing to worry. Freya come in and said that she don’t sure anymore that Dash will still want her.

Ingrid and Wendy finally ok, Freya finally realize that her dream potion is works. Joannah tell her after look the card, tell her that one of Killian and Dash is her destroyer.

Wendy tell Joannah about what shafeshiftter wants, she tell her that she doesn’t need to worry because key is gone no one open the portal. Even the grow of poison tree is odd.

Then suddenly she see Wendy’s necklace it’s turn red, Joannah said that this is her last life.

At night, Joannah goes to dig something out. It’s the key that shaftshifter looking for.