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12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 3 Cassandra Complex

In year 2015, Cole teach Railey how to use the gun. Railey recieved the call from police ask her about Jennifer missing. She tell them about that man.

They show her the picture of one that escape, but Railey used to work with him before. but she knows who can find him.

She goes to CDC to ask Jules about that man, he wants her to work at CDC. Then when she asked about that guy Henri, he tell her that he’s dead.

Cole thinks that he should go back to see Henri ask about Night room, Railey ask Cole to stay from her if he see her there.

He goes back to 2043, he tell them about Henri. But scientist are argue about when they should send him, before Goines died, before Jennifer abduct..

Finally they decided to send him to Haiti to see Henri, but they say he might get some problem. They warn him again about Dr. Railey.

At 2014, Railey and Aaron is argue about Haiti, he is upset because after she kidnapped. She is trying to find the virus that can destroy the world.

Railey goes to Haiti to help to stop the outbreak, she see a lot of patient. Jules tell her that they can’t go to hospital but instead they have to move this tent. He also thanks Henri for his help.

There is a man with gun barge in he wants they to cure his daughter first, Railey make him calm and left. Railey and Henriy tell Jules that they want to make isolation, he said it’s too late.

At night Railey meet Henri at hotel, after talked for a while they make out. That night Cole is arrive at Haiti.

In 2048, Ramse and Whitley are send to Haiti to check around. They are attacked by a woman Max.

Back in 2014, Railey and Henri when they return to camp Jules tell them that the man with gun come and takes all med. Henri said he knows someone who can supply them.

Cole is there at the camp, before he can does something he is sent back to 2048 and back to 2014. They takes him inside the tent, he get chance to talk to Henri.

He try to trick him and take him out, before they left. Jules and Railey found them, before she see him. He left.

She finally convince Jules to quarantine, she ask Henri to get out and get supply. Cole following him to the supplier. But on the way he lost him, he found himself somewhere with skull of monkey.

Henri attack him from behind, Cole tell him that he’s Jennifer friend. At first he doesn’t believe, he still think that Cole is their men. Cole try to ask him about the night room, he ask him to help him be a doctor send them the supply then he will tell him about it.

Ramse ask Max about West 7, where are the others. She said she left it. He thinks that Daecon send her here to get him, she refused.

She wants Ramse to take her with him, instead he tell her to the survivor’s camp. She left.

Henri explained to Cole about his work, he said that Goins want to delivery virus instead of medicine. They try to build the strongest virus, at this moment Cole start to appear-disappear.

Henri takes him to Victoire, while they are there. He met the pale man again. Seem he doesn’t know Cole, Henri start to run off. Cole try to attack that man, but he is stopped. He following Henri out, Cole manage to get his men down.

At CDS’s tent, Railey start to freak out after one of patient died. She tell Jules that they can’t fight this, it likes what Cole tell her before. She try to ask Jules to keep everyone there, she wants the cops shoot one who try to get out.

Jules doesn’t believe her. she is upset and leave. The pale man found Henri, he doesn’t want to tell him anything. Cole arrive and try to attack him, but he’s captured. He can left the mark on his face, he stun and escape.

Henri tell Cole that is the man who kill anyone in lab, now he wants to get the medicine back to CDC’s tent. He tell Cole he doesn’t know where is the night room. They always blindfold and that lab is always move.

Henri tell him there is a way to find it, before he left they upgrade the mobile system. They have special equipment “The big burn”, if he find it, he will find the night room.

At CDC’s camp, Railey tried to convinced Jules that this virus will kill everybody in world, and it will be their fault. Jules tell her it’s River Fever they just missed it.

He glad that he didn’t listen to her, otherwise many people will get killed. Railey is really lost. Cole feel sorry for her, he goes back.

He tell them how to find the virus, back at 2015 Cole back to help Railey to shoot the gun. Railey decided to join CDC so she can find that equipment.

In 2048, Ramse tell Cole about Max. He said that if West 7 found them, they will be wipe out.

At West 7, Max goes back and report them that now they found Cole.