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Witches of East End Season 1 Episode 6 Potentia Noctis

This morning while Freya is swimming, Killian comes talk to her. After chit-chat Dash comes, they breakup and leave.

Dash’s mother comes to see Ingrid, she show her the old picture at Fair haven. Woman in old picture look a like her.

Wendy help Freya to practice magic, seem she does well. Ingrid worried about old her photo, Wendy and Joannah try not to tell her about her old life. She won’t give up.

Freya found Ingrid try to make magic brownie and help her remember her past, but seem not works well. It even make her agitated, Freya leave after she try to offer her brownie.

Ingrid suddenly get the picture in her head, she see her with a man around with naked people.

Freya goes to see Dash, she found he’s research about thing they get from Muara. She sneak it out.

Ingrid also see them lived in old shop sell the herb, there was a people come from Fair haven to invited them.

Freya takes the thing from lab to see Wendy, she freak out and burned it. She tell her that she should not touch it, it will make her die. Wendy try to make potion to help her, she also need to give Amy and Dash too.

Ingrid see that she and Archibald is make the dark business, use spell to get the money. They turn an old woman to young woman.

Freya and Wendy make the potion and put in the drink for Amy and Dash. Dash suddenly offer her to marry her.

Ingrid see her past that the woman that they helped is dead because of her spell. When her brother comes to get her, Archibald killed him instantly. Ingrid realize that she might make mistake.

She meet Wendy while she try to takes off, she tell her that she will off with Archibald. Archibald also comes try to ask Ingrid to kill Wendy, but she refused. Wendy try to kill him, but Ingrid come to protect him and get spell. She fall down and dead.

Ingrid wake up, and remember that Wendy kill her.

At Fair Haven, Dash tell them there is underground passage that nobody discover. They decided to explore. Freya found the big tree of poison she is very scare.

Joanna explained to Ingrid that after she died, she comes to see. Archibald tried to kill Wendy. She has no choice but kill him. After that she blame to Wendy that she should tell her before.

Freya barge in and tell them about poison tree. Joannah tell them that they have to do something before someone does. But at night Dash goes to takes it out.

At morning, Ingrid try to ignore Wendy. While Freya goes to see Dash to cancel about their rush wedding. His mother comes to ask about it, she has scare like the little girl in Ingrid’s past.